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1 of the 6 lost Egyptian sun temples found-Biggest discovery in 50 years

Archeologists think they have unearthed one of the six lost sun temples in the Egyptian desert.

Archaeologists discovered the ancient remains in Abu Gorab, south of Cairo.

It is the third of the six sun temples believed to have been constructed. They were built while the pharaohs of the Fifth Dynasty were still alive to grant them the status of god.

The Fifth Dynasty pharaohs reigned for about 150 years from the early 25th century BC to the mid 24th century BC.

Only a few rulers had sun temples created in the name of the sun god Ra on the west bank of the Nile.

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Dr Massimiliano Nuzzolo, assistant professor of Egyptology at the Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, Poland, said: “We knew that there was something below the stone temple of Nyuserre, but we [didn’t] know if it is just another building phase of the same temple or if it is a new temple.

“I have now many proofs that what we are excavating here is one of the lost sun temples.”

The discovery of the third sun temple will air as part of Lost Treasures of Egypt on National Geographic at 7 pm on November 14.

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