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15 Facts about the White House

We all know the White House is one of the most famous buildings in the world. But did you know that there are some weird and wonderful facts about this iconic building? Here are 15 of the strangest things you may not have known about America’s most famous residence!

1. Theodore Roosevelt Was the first president to have a car in the White House! He was also the first president to ride in it and even named it “the Wagon of State”.

2. It’s estimated that there are over 30 ghosts lurking around the White House! From Abigail Adams, to Andrew Jackson, to even Abraham Lincoln!

3. Every first family must bring their own food when they move in! The White House doesn’t stock any groceries or food items.

4. The President and First Lady reside on the second floor of the White House in what is called the “Residence”. This is where all the family activities and daily living take place.

5. The White House has 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms and 6 levels of living space! That’s a lot of room to fill with furniture and decorations!

6. The First Family can use their own china or they can choose from two official sets of china that the White House has. One set was donated by Queen Victoria of England and the other from the King of Siam.

7. There are several secret rooms and passages in the White House, including a bowling alley! The only people who know about these hidden spots are Secret Service agents and White House staff.

8. There is a special movie theater in the White House called “The Family Theater”. This is where presidents and their families can watch movies together or host private screenings for diplomats and other VIPs.

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9. The White House has its own florist shop! It employs several full-time florists who are responsible for decorating the entire White House with flowers, plants and greenery.

10. The White House has a tennis court in the East Wing of the building, which was added by President Wilson in 1913.

11. There have been several attempts to break into the White House throughout its history! The most famous of which was when a man named Robert L. Thomas managed to scale the White House fence in 1949 and made it all the way into the President’s bedroom!

12. The White House has its own pool, bowling alley and jogging track! The pool was added by President Kennedy in 1962 while the bowling alley and running track were installed by President Nixon in 1969.

13. The White House has its own chef! This chef is responsible for preparing meals for the First Family as well as hosting state dinners and other important events.

14. The White House library was founded in 1800 by President John Adams and contains over 20,000 books! It’s also one of the oldest rooms in the building, having survived several renovations.

15. The White House is home to a beautiful garden! This garden was designed by none other than First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and it features trees, bushes, flowers and even a small pond! It’s one of the most beloved and popular spots in the White House.

These are just some of the many interesting facts about the White House! Whether you’re a history buff or simply curious, it’s always fascinating to learn more about this iconic building!

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