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5 Interesting Facts about Santa Claus May Surprise You

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5 Interesting Facts about Santa Claus May Surprise You

5 Interesting Facts about Santa Claus May Surprise You

The Santa Claus we all know and love has been around for centuries, but there’s a lot more to the jolly old man than meets the eye. Here are 5 surprising facts about Santa that you may not know:

The Canadian government extended a special honor to Santa Claus, granting him official citizenship.

Canada has granted Santa Claus citizenship and a distinct postal code, allowing the country’s children to connect with him like never before. This remarkable act of kindness from the Canadian government is sure to bring joy – and lots of it! – to its little citizens.

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Will Ferrell as Santa Claus

Before Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan achieved fame, they happily played Santa Claus in a Pasadena mall as hobbyists. But soon enough, their career skyrocketed to success!

Santa Claus has a pilots license

In 1927, the United States government issued Santa Claus his very own pilot’s license in a memorable milestone of his achievements. To this day, it remains one of the most remarkable and defining moments throughout St. Nick’s legacy!

Ohio doesn’t let Santa Claus be used for alcohol sales

Alcohol advertisements must steer clear of any reference to Santa Claus, since he represents a symbol of joy and innocence, especially for children. That is why no mention of the beloved figure can be found in alcohol-related material.

Santa Claus’s appearance is based on the Pagan God Odin

Santa Claus draws his physical appearance from the pagan deity Odin, and as such is often compared to him. Folklore states that happiness was spread throughout the world during a difficult barrier of ghosts and ownership on midnight of Spring-Winter Season which sounds similar to Santa’s journey around the globe on Christmas Eve!

So, the next time you’re celebrating with your family this holiday season, remember these 5 surprising facts about Santa Claus! He’s more than just a jolly old man – he’s an icon of generosity, kindness and giving that has been around for centuries. Have fun tracking his journey on Christmas Eve and enjoy the spirit of the season!

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