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5 Most Haunted Locations in Indiana


5 Most Haunted Locations in Indiana

5 Most Haunted Locations in Indiana

Indiana is a destination boasting miles of farmland and one of the most famous racetracks in the nation, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The state is also home to a seemingly endless number of covered bridges, Indiana Dunes State park, and countless other appealing sights and destinations. But there is another side to this beautiful state, and it’s pretty sinister. Indiana has its fair share of haunted spots that are brimming with paranormal activity. Nicknamed the Crossroads of America, might it be a type of crossroads that we can only hope to one day understand? You be the judge. Here are the five most haunted places in Indiana.

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Location: Elkhart, IN

The Elkhart Civic Theatre, housed in an 1897 building, is said to be haunted by ghosts who send books and papers flying off shelves, levitate small objects, run sewing machines and project moving shafts of light. Shadows and an apparition of a floating dark-haired woman have been seen by both staff members and theater guests. Staff members claim to have been grabbed by a ghost when no one else is around. Percy, a.k.a. Percival Hilbert, is the name of a ghost believed to reside here. He was a handyman who lived in the basement with his wife and two daughters after they were evicted in the Depression era. His spirit is said to manifest as moving shafts of light. He is also believed to have turned up in a photo during a ghost hunt.


Location: Indianapolis, IN

Opening in 1848 as the “Indiana Hospital for the Insane,” the Central State Hospital has a sad and anguished past. In addition to housing those with mental conditions, the hospital was also home to the “criminally insane,” who were prone to violence and perpetually restrained in the basement dungeons. Allegations of subpar and abusive treatment of patients dogged the institution until it closed in 1994. Those who died within its walls still linger, crying out in the shadows and appearing as apparitions across the grounds. Footsteps, moaning, screaming and even physical assaults have also been reported.


Location: French Lick, IN

This historic resort hotel complex is said to be haunted by former owner Thomas Taggart, who lingers around the service elevator as mists and phantom tobacco smells. He is said to expertly operate the elevator from beyond when the place gets busy. He also is said to appear riding a horse in the ballroom or down the halls and holds ghostly parties that the staff has heard through closed doors when no one else is in the ballroom. A red stain is said to appear in a guest room bathtub where a bride committed suicide, and the cleaning staff claims the whole sixth floor is haunted by shadows, breezes, footsteps, disembodied laughter, and ghosts who call the front desk from unoccupied rooms. Also, a ghostly African American bellhop has shown up in photos of the bellhop stand.


Location: Hartford City, IN

This haunted jail was in operation between 1879 and 1995 and is rumored to hold the spirits of past residents. Screams, moans, and voices warning you to leave are often heard by those who step foot inside this place. Beyond that, ghost hunters who have braved the building have reported uncomfortable and uneasy feelings, the slamming of the cell door, shadowy figures throughout the jail, mysterious voices that can’t be explained, equipment failures and malfunctions, unexplained banging, apparitions, physical interactions with the fabled Sheriff Townsend. With an incredibly rich history including a visit by the infamous John Dillinger during the planning stages of his heist in nearby Montpelier, there is no wonder why this haunted Indiana prison is brimming with intrigue.


Location: Story, IN

Back in 1851, the quaint little town of Story was founded by Dr. George Story. The town was comprised of the Story Inn, a schoolhouse, two general stores, a sawmill, a post office, a church, and a couple of additional buildings. Unfortunately, the town collapsed during the Great Depression. Later, in the 1960s, an effort to restore the town was made and The Story Inn is one structure in the town that was restored to what it once was. Each of the rooms and cottages in the inn is free of radios, televisions, and clocks, which the owners consider modern-day distractions. The rustic looks and history are not all the Story Inn possesses. There are, of course, stories of paranormal activity. Countless staff members and guests have made claims of seeing the “Blue Lady.” It is said the Blue Lady is Dr. George Story’s wife. The former Garden Room is now named after the Blue Lady. People wishing to engage with, or see the Blue Lady, are told they can turn on the blue light in the room and she will appear. People have claimed she has left behind blue objects, that she has blue eyes, and that they can smell cherry tobacco, the Blue Lady’s favorite when she was among the living.

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