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5 Most Haunted Locations in Wyoming


5 Most Haunted Locations in Wyoming

5 Most Haunted Locations in Wyoming

Whether you are an avid ghost hunter or love a good thrill, The Cowboy State has plenty of haunted places that will give you goosebumps. From haunted hotels to frightening forts, spooky steakhouses to creepy cinemas, here are the 5 most haunted places in Wyoming.

Some of the sites listed below may be on private property; others may be located in dangerous locations. Please follow the law and be safe.

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Location: Park County, WY

Heart Mountain was used as a Japanese American Confinement Center during WWII. Located in Powell, WY, there have been sightings of “shadow people” and visitors have reported hearing footsteps and a feeling of being watched. Heart Mountain even made CBS News’ “The most Haunted places in America” list. If you visit the center during the day, you may even be guided around by a friendly spirit.


Location: Rawlins, WY

Located in Rawlins, WY, the Wyoming Frontier Prison has the reputation of being one of the toughest prisons in the wild west. Opened in 1901, it housed some of the most violent inmates, featured a dungeon, botched executions, and was known for rampant violence. Now a museum, employees and visitors alike have reported ghostly encounters. There have been apparitions spotted in the cell blocks and reports of a malevolent spirit in the dungeon who has threatened visitors. The prison is so notorious that it was featured on an episode of Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, and ghost hunters have captured orbs on camera. The museum offers Haunted Halloween Night Tours if you want to have a ghostly encounter of your own.


Location: Casper, WY

The Wonder Bar is said to be one of the most haunted buildings in Casper, WY. A staple since 1934, there have been reports of lights turning on and off when no one is inside. Employees also state that they have felt like someone was following them and can hear trailing footsteps. The Wonder Bar was recently remodeled and reopened, so patrons will have the opportunity to see a ghostly cowboy or woman in white for years to come.


Location: Laramie, WY

Built in 1872 in Laramie, WY, the Wyoming Territorial Prison saw little violence in its time and no executions were ever performed there. However, some inmates did lose their lives inside the prison. One of those inmates was Julius Greenwelch who died of heart complications. Greenwelch ran a cigar operation inside the prison. Visitors and employees report the smell of cigar smoke, and workers making loud noises are known to find their tools moved to odd places. The prison puts on a haunted house throughout October where you just might run into the ghost of Greenwelch personally.


Location: Buffalo, WY

The Occidental Hotel in Buffalo, WY, draws visitors and ghost hunters alike. Founded in 1880, the famous hotel once hosted the likes of Butch Cassidy, Teddy Roosevelt, and many more famous patrons. Some guests it seems have never left. Witnesses have heard disembodied voices and laughter frequently. There are reports that a woman in white haunts the hotel, moving furniture, and has even been known to tap guests on the shoulder. She is believed to be the daughter of a prostitute that worked there. Book your stay at The Occidental, if you dare…

Have you had an experience in one of the haunts on our list? Did we miss somewhere that you would have chosen? Tell us in the comments, we want to hear from you!

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Jordan Heath is a writer, artist, musician, and amateur historian. He’s the co-host of Campfire: Tales of the Strange and Unsettling and a contributing writer at Paranormality Magazine. A husband and father of five, this bonafide enthusiast of all things bizarre is on a personal quest to revel in the mysteries found in the blurry edges of our reality.

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