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5 Spooky Things To Do While Visiting Nashville TN


5 Spooky Things To Do While Visiting Nashville TN

Nashville is known for its country music, but there’s a lot more to this vibrant city than that. If you’re looking for something fun and spooky to do during your visit, check out these five attractions. From haunted houses to creepy caves, there’s something for everyone who wants a spine-tingling experience! So grab your friends or family and get ready to be scared.

1. Tennessee State Prison

The Haunted old Tennessee State Prison in Nashville TN is said to be one of the most haunted places in the state. The prison was built in 1831 and was in use until 1998. In its 167 years of operation, the prison saw many deaths, both from violence and disease. It is no wonder that the spirits of those who died there are said to still haunt the prison. Visitors to the prison have reported hearing strange noises, seeing apparitions, and feeling a sense of unease. The Haunted old Tennessee State Prison is definitely a place that should be on your list of Haunted places to visit.

2. Bell Witch Cave

Bell Witch Cave is located in Adams, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville, and is said to be one of the most Haunted Caves in America. The cave got its name from the Bell family who lived nearby and was terrorized by a creature that came to be known as the Bell Witch. The legend says that the witch was actually a spirit that was summoned by a woman named Kate Batts. The witch haunts the family for years until she eventually killed Mr. Bell. Today, people still say that they see the ghost of the Bell Witch in the cave. The cave is also said to be home to other ghosts, including a little girl who died in a car accident. If you’re looking for a Haunted Cave, Bell Witch Cave is definitely worth a visit!

3. The Hermitage

The Hermitage is a historic home in Nashville that is said to be haunted. The house was built in 1819 and was the home of President Andrew Jackson. Jackson died in the house in 1845, and his wife, Rachel, died there just a few years later. Since then, there have been reports of strange noises and ghostly figures at the Hermitage. Some say that Jackson’s ghost still wanders the halls of the house and that Rachel’s ghost can be seen sitting at a window overlooking the garden. Whether or not you believe in ghosts, there’s no denying that the Hermitage is a fascinating place with a long and rich history. If you’re ever in Nashville, be sure to check it out!

4. The Union Station Hotel

The Union Station Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee is said to be haunted by the ghosts of a woman and child. The story goes that the woman, who was a former prostitute, died in a fire at the hotel. The child is said to be the son of a wealthy man who died of a heart attack in the hotel. Both ghosts are said to haunt the fourth floor of the hotel. Guests have reported seeing the woman’s ghost in the hallway and the child’s ghost in the elevator. Some guests have even reported hearing the child’s laughter coming from the fourth floor. No one knows for sure if these ghosts are truly haunting the hotel, but it definitely makes for an interesting story!

5. The Tennessee State Capitol

Tennessee’s State Capitol is a beautiful building that has been the home of the state’s government since 1859. However, it is also said to be haunted by the ghost of a Civil War soldier. The soldier, who is said to be wearing a blue uniform, has been seen walking through the halls of the Capitol and looking out windows. He is also said to have appeared in photos that were taken inside the building. Some say that the soldier’s ghost is that of a Union soldier who was killed during the Battle of Nashville, which took place in 1864. Others believe that he is the ghost of a Confederate soldier who was killed during the war. No one knows for sure who the soldier is, but his ghost continues to haunt the Tennessee State Capitol.

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