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A chilling paranormal experience on Newcastle Island

In August 2013, a group of Scouts and their parents embarked on an overnight camp on Newcastle Island, located off the Coast of British Columbia. Intrigued by the island’s reputation for paranormal activity, they anticipated a thrilling adventure. Equipped with an EMF ghost meter and inspired by a found footage movie supposedly based on true events from 2007, the group set out to explore the ghostly legends surrounding Newcastle Island.

Legend had it that the island was haunted by the spirit of Kanaka Pete, a notorious axe murderer who was hanged and buried in an unmarked grave near Kanaka Bay. The college students in the found footage film had disappeared while investigating these paranormal occurrences, leaving behind a chilling videotape and a grisly discovery of severed feet along the shoreline. These reports garnered attention from media outlets, including CNN.

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Eager to immerse themselves in the supernatural atmosphere, the campers gathered around a campfire late at night to watch the eerie found video tape, aptly titled “Severed Footage.” As they watched, they recognized familiar locations they had encountered during the day. One prominent sign warned, “No Camping Beyond this Point,” believed to mark the boundary beyond which spirits could freely roam. Though they initially dismissed the caution as a joke, they decided to set up camp on the safe side of the signs.

After the video screening, some of the bolder boys proposed an expedition to Kanaka Bay, armed with the ghost meter, mirroring the ill-fated journey of the students in the film. Reluctantly, the adults acquiesced to the boys’ excitement, albeit with a tinge of apprehension. Their hike began on a warm evening, but upon passing the “No Camping Beyond this Point” sign, an icy chill enveloped them, sending shivers down their spines. The wind howled eerily through the trees, amplifying the sense of foreboding.

Suddenly, about 100 meters ahead, they spotted two glowing eyes, initially assuming it to be a raccoon or deer reflecting their flashlight beams. Switching off their lights, the eyes persisted, glowing intensely. A mixture of fear and curiosity pervaded the group. As they cautiously approached, the eyes vanished. Arriving at the spot where the eyes had been, they discovered a large tree bearing the symbol associated with Kanaka Pete from the video they had just seen—an ominous sign.

To their astonishment, the EMF ghost meter held by one of the boys began beeping and flashing, initially slow but gradually accelerating to its maximum reading. Panic ensued, screams filled the air, and everyone sprinted back along the trail. Only after reaching a safe distance of about 100 meters did they finally stop, catching their breath. The chilling wind persisted, the air remained frigid, and the harrowing experience had taken its toll on the group.

With trembling voices, they debated the possibility of making a swift dash past the haunted point to reach Kanaka Bay. However, unanimously rejecting the idea, they retraced their steps back to camp. As they crossed the threshold marked by the “No Camping” sign, the wind ceased, and warmth returned to the air. Yet, a haunting, barely audible sound seemed to emanate from the area they had just fled.

Throughout the remainder of the night, the campers huddled around the fire, unable to shake off the lingering fear. Sleep evaded them as they exchanged tales of their extraordinary encounter. Some found it thrilling, while others deemed it the most terrifying experience of their lives. Little did they expect to become characters in their very own chilling ghost story. Indeed, camping tales are meant to be both frightening and fun, but this particular escapade on Newcastle Island surpassed all expectations, etching an indelible mark on their memories.


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