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A City In India Married Two Frogs to Bring Rain And It Worked

City In India Married Two Frogs to Bring Rain


A City In India Married Two Frogs to Bring Rain And It Worked

A City In India Married Two Frogs to Bring Rain And It Worked

It appears that Gorakhpur’s people have found a solution to their drought. A group of citizens from the northern Indian city gathered for a unique ritual. They tied the knot between two frogs in a marriage ceremony. That may appear to be an ineffective method of bringing rain, don’t you think? But what if we told you that this seemed to work and the very next day after the wedding, the area got a severe rainfall alert.

On July 19, a group of people from Gorakhpur got together to look for frogs. A male and a female frog were collected by the people and taken to a priest.

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At the wedding ceremony, which was held at a spectacular location with all of the pageantry and ceremonies of an Indian wedding, hundreds of guests showed up. Singing took place, priests recited prayers, and everyone partook in a wedding supper after the marriage ceremony.

Finally, the wedding came to an end. All that was left was to wait for the promised rain. The frog wedding’s creator, Radhakant Verma, claimed that the locals were at their wits’ end.

“We have had a long dry spell and farmers, in particular, are upset over the delay in sowing paddy. It is a time-tested belief that frog weddings are held to bring in rains,” Verma told Daily Star.

Against what you might expect, the wedding ritual worked. Just the next day, on July 20, Indian meteorologists issued a notice of expected severe rainfall around Gorakhpur.

“Heavy to very heavy rainfall at a few places with extremely heavy falls at isolated places is very likely,” said the India Meteorological Department.

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