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A helpful ghost was caught on a security camera walking the dog.

A helpful ghost was caught on a security camera walking the dog.

A couple is convinced that the CCTV footage they took may have captured a paranormal event – the spirit of a family member trying to take their beloved pet for a stroll from beyond.

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As Matthew Kane, a father of two children lay in bed with his wife Lauren, she stumbled across an odd figure while reviewing their weekend activities on the motion-sensor camera.

A startling video was captured on Sunday night [Jan 14] of a pale figure that seemed to emerge from an antique cabinet, proceeding with intent alongside their Australian shepherd dog before vanishing as if it had never been there according to Dogtooth Media.

One Commenter on YouTube said “Well at least it’s a useful ghost. Not some freeloader who “lives” there and doesn’t contribute to anything! I’m still trying to get mine to pay rent or move into the light.”

We tend to agree and secretly wish that we had a helpful spirit in the office to help out.

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