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Akon: Alien Loverboy

The story of Elizabeth Klarer and her alien companion Akon has to be one of the strangest in the field of Ufology. Her claims are ridiculous and unbelievable, but surprisingly there are odd conformations that seem to pop up here and there that have led many researchers to believe that there is some truth to her story.

Whatever the real truth is, Elizabeth will go down in history as South Africa’s most well-known Contactee. 

There are a few versions of her story, many of which contradict. The main source of these discrepancies is Klarer herself, who would say different things in different interviews. One version she claimed to have had telepathic contact with ETs since she was a child, and that these memories were unlocked when she read books by other contactees of the time. An earlier account pinpoints her first interaction with the phenomenon in 1927 at age 17, when she and her sister saw a meteor bounce off the side of a UFO one evening. 
But her real moment of contact occurred years later in 1957. She was riding horses with her sister and brother-in-law in the Drakensberg mountains, when the trio saw a large metal craft fly overhead. It was traveling close enough to the ground to create a wind that blew Elizabeth’s hat away. They could also see that the vehicle had portholes, and behind one of these round windows the group could make out the figure of a man. 

This man was said to have watched Elizabeth with hypnotic eyes as the craft flew overhead. He was slim and fit with silvery hair, and he sat with his arms crossed. He was your quintessential space hunk. For those who have read my book, Paranormal Expeditions: Hunt for the Friendship, this description may sound familiar, as it accurately describes the Friendship group, who were the focus of that project. These types of supposed aliens are commonly called Pleadians or Nordics.

Several months later, Elizabeth felt compelled to travel to the same hill she had seen the craft initially. There on the hill was the alien man she had seen, standing next to his now landed craft. He introduced himself as Akon, and invited her aboard. Akon told her that he was the commander of the ship, and that they had traveled from a planet called Meton in the nearby Proxima Centauri star system. The two quickly became lovers, and the subsequent whoopie sessions led to the 47 (Note: other reports list her as 49) year old Elizabeth conceiving a child. If you want more steamy UFO humping, I suggest you pick up her book Beyond the Light Barrier for all the sticky details. 

When Elizabeth was five months pregnant, Akon returned for her. The two returned to his home planet for the rest of the duration of her pregnancy. She gave birth to her son on Meton, and they named him Ayling. She spent the next 9 years there but unfortunately, the environment was too different from Earth for Elizabeth to stay for any longer, and soon she was returned to her home planet, where only 4 months had passed.

Upon her return, Elizabeth brought with her a few artifacts from her time on the alien planet. There was a ring that Akon had given her, a plant she had taken, and a few crystals. The plant was taken to a botanical garden for identification, and while it was an extremely rare plant, it could be found on Earth. The crystals proved equally disappointing, as nothing about them suggested an otherworldly origin. The ring however was never tested, as Elizabeth never took it off. It was described as having an opal like stone at the center, which was sandwiched by two smaller crystal like stones, and according to a trusted investigator the ring appeared to have an ‘ancient’ looking appearance. 

She would maintain that the story was entirely true throughout the rest of her life, until she died of breast cancer in 1994 at the age of 84. She is survived by a 100{58fbaaeb3d88bae51ddfeee79f8ae14a7bb41c4b8de510627d9b95f0573fcc51} human son named David. David does not recall his middle aged mother being pregnant or disappearing for 4 months, but admits he was at boarding school at the time, so couldn’t say for sure. 

In the decades before her death, she said that Akon would still visit her on occasion. There were also claims that KGB agents were also tracking her. She also claimed to have a close connection to the South African Air Force, whom they had helped one time at their family farm. Interestingly enough, there was some strange confirmation of the latter claim.

On the side of a mountain in the Drakensberg range, there is a crian that marks the meeting point where Akon and Elizbeth would have their rendezvous. A couple purchased a hotel at the base of this mountain, as it was a popular rural retreat. One day, during the first few months of operation, a tall handsome silver-haired man arrived. He was quite strange and asked if a woman named Elizabeth Klarer was there and said that he was supposed to meet her there. When he was informed she had not checked in, he left and seemingly vanished into the empty parking lot.

A week later Elizabeth showed up to the hotel with a copy of her book. When the couple looked in the book and saw a bust of Akon, they recognized it as the man that had visited them. They said that Elizabeth had erected two crains on the mountain, both at locations she would meet Akon at. Their most interesting claim was that when Elizabeth got older, she would still visit the hotel. But instead of making the difficult hike and climb, the South African Air Force would land a helicopter at the hotel, and shuttle her up to the crains, leaving her for a few hours before coming back to pick her up. Both hotel owners claimed to have witnessed this occur on several occasions.  

If this story is true, then her connections to the South African military is true to some extent. What else of her story is true? Is it possible that everything she said was true? I figured a good place to start would be to test the ring that Akon gave her, the one piece of evidence that was never tested, but what happened to it? 

Well luckily for us, I found someone who might have the answers to these questions. Uga Carlini is a South African documentary filmmaker, who focuses on women and women’s issues in the country. She got the rights to the Klarer story from her human son David, and plans to release a Documentary about the case. I had the chance to corresp[ond with her over email and ask her some of these questions. Here’s what she said: 

Chaz: How did you first get involved / hear about the case?

Uga: The story of Elizabeth Klarer has been with me since the age of eight when I read about it in the then Huisgenoot. This was in 1983. My mom subsequently got her nonfiction book, Beyond the Light Barrier and gave me summaries of the contents, matched to what she felt was appropriate for an eight-year-old. What got me most, was how her cat was blinded by the blinding lights of this strange man’s spaceship.  I found it cruel not cool and it bugged me for years to come.

Chaz: I read that you were in touch with her son David, what can you tell me about him? What is he like? 

Uga: You will have to wait for the film for that but yes I was, and there is an in depth interview with this kind, gentle soul. 

Chaz: I am very interested in the ring that Akon supposedly gave Klarer, I read that it is still in the family’s possession. Can you confirm this? Have you seen the ring ? If so, can you describe it or provide me with an image of it? 

Uga: I absolutely saw the ring and filmed it. For the rest, again, you need to wait for the film :) 
Chaz: I read that there was a crian on the side of Champagne Castle Mountain on the border of Lesotho, that marks the spot where she would supposedly meet with Akon. Can you confirm that this existed, and if so, does it still exist? 

Uga: There were two spots where they met. Initially in Flying Saucer hill in Mooiriver - where a certain plant Elizabeth alleges Akon planted for her there as a token of his love for her, still grows. And later, Catkin Peak in the Drakensberg, where a gigantic round strip lies barren, sprouting crystals - in the shape of a circular spaceship...

Chaz: Lastly, I’ve noticed your work focuses on women and women’s issues. Is there something about Elizabeth’s case that you feel is very important to share in this regard? is there anything you feel is important that I should include in the article? 

Uga: Regardless of her claims and choices in lovers, she was an extraordinary woman ahead of her time. Twice divorced, a pilot, a meteorologist, my initial uncovering of this fascinating female who even did some spy work for governments during World War 2 is fascinating. She is a very layered human being but as it is with human beings, I have also found some less desirable aspects, unfortunately….

It seems to get the answers we really want, we’ll have to wait for the film. It doesn’t have a release date yet, but Uga can be followed on her filmmaking page on instagram @ugalisacarlini for updates, and it is expected to be released at the end of this year or the beginning of next.

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