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Are the dead coming back to life in India


Are the dead coming back to life in India

Srikesh Kumar was rushed to a private hospital in Moradabad, India with life-threatening injuries after being hit by a motorcycle.

Shikesh was pronounced dead on arrival by the doctor. His body was then transported to a government hospital for an autopsy on Friday.

Rajendra Kumar, the hospital’s medical superintendent, said “The emergency medical officer examined him. He did not find any signs of life and hence declared him dead”.

The doctor informed the local police that Shirkesh body was being placed in the mortuary freezer until his family could come sign for the autopsy.

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Six hours later the police team and Shirkesh family arrived at the morgue. When they opened the door to the slab they were shocked to find Shrikesh was alive.

As of publishing this Shrikesh is undergoing treatment and is currently in a coma.

There is also an investigation underway to determine how the doctors mistakenly declared him dead.

Could he have really died and come back to life? For Rajenda Kumar he said this is nothing sort of a miracle.

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