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Behind The Mic With Brandon Peacock and Ryan Dean

Behind The Mic

Behind The Mic With Brandon Peacock and Ryan Dean

         Dangerous World is a podcast about conspiracies, geopolitical events, the new world order, and so much more.  Hosted by cousins Brandon Peacock and Ryan Dean, they cover topics from agenda 21 to aliens everything in between. They even go as far as entertaining the idea of lizard people even.

         Brandon, who is the co-host and the producer, is a very, very hardcore critic.  He doesn’t really believe in many things unless there’s a CIA declassified document to prove it. Brandon falls much more to the left.  Ryan, Is the co-host and the flip side of the coin. Ryan researches conspiracy theories and government events and wants to know what is going on today. Ryan also falls much more to the right.  

         One of the things I really love about this show is that they can then come together and have a conversation. Because I think we’ve lost that over the last 5 years or so. Dangerous Worlds brings that back. Even though they don’t always agree, there is a real debate that goes on, not only between Brandon and Ryan but also with their guests.

         Who is curious to find out the origin story of someone’s podcast. For Dangerous World, I thought the origin story would have something to do with the old Hannity and Combs TV show. I was pretty surprised when I found out what their origin story was.

         Brandon and Ryan grew up together, and when Brandon went off to the Navy, Ryan stayed in Tucson. That’s where they both were born and raised. Brandon and his family moved to a little tiny town here called globe. Which is a small town, I don’t even know if it’s really considered a city.  Then they ended up moving to Colorado, and they just slowly started drifting apart.  Then in their early twenties, they ended up reconnecting when Brandon moved back to Phoenix. It was just kind of a great excuse to stay in contact and continue interacting.  They really wanted to just start a podcast. They just weren’t sure how they were going to do it. They thought they would just do a fun kind of talk show, just kind of shooting the breeze. 

         For them, it was just a fun way that they connect and also learned about new topics. They said they have learned a ton of information. Whether it’s actually factual information or not, it makes for good bar talk.  After a while, they started to meet tons of new people, and at the end of the day, it’s just an excuse to interact more with each other, make some new friends, and have some fun.

         Both Brandon and Rayan have some intrinsic interest in the dirty doings of the elite. Still, for Ryan, this podcast and his motivation for it was threefold. First and foremost, he is just hanging out with my cousin. Second is his interest in biology and how we go about knowing the things that we know.  That has been an interest of Ryan’s even his college years. Looking at concepts like the Dunning Kruger effect or cognitive bias, or all the other ways that we say that our opinions aren’t just our opinions or beliefs. Ryan’s third motivation is that he knew from the get-go that he was so diametrically opposed to many of the ideas that conspiracy theorists have. I know that society is going to continue to subjugate the conspiracy theory community. While Ryan, to a certain extent, thinks that is a good thing, we still must live together at the end of the day.  We’ve got to figure out how these ideas that we have that are so diametrically opposed to each other and talk about how we’re going to live with those and be in the same community together.

         Since Ryan is the one who gets into conspiracies more, I wanted to know what got him into conspiracies and what was his light bulb moment that made him think, you know, something just isn’t quite right here. I then went on to say that for me, it was the Kennedy assassination.  Even at a young age, I realized when I heard the magic bullet theory that it sounded so impossible something else must have been going on. As for Ryan, this is what he said got him into the world of conspiracy.

         “Everyone my age or our age says 9-11, and that’s a great answer, and Brandon and I were actually together the day that that whole thing shook out, and we didn’t really understand what’s going on. We were just relieved that cartoon network was still playing cartoons when every other channel was just showing the buildings falling over and over again, to really pound it in everyone’s head that something horrible happened that day and that it was brown people that did it. It was very, it’s just a weird thing that may have sparked it.

         I would in high school is when I started getting into things. The trilateral commission I found very interesting. Which sounds all good, pleasing, and awesome, especially when you’re young. I was definitely more liberal when I was in high school. Though I didn’t want Obama to win, I was like, okay, you know, this guy is fine when he did. The main reason I wanted McCain to win was that he’s from our home state of Arizona. Come to find out, he’s a shady scumbag. You know what I mean?  So was Obama, for that matter. When I started realizing stuff like Bush and Kerry, they both hated each other, yet they both graduated from Yale. Not only that, but they were in the same fraternity, Skull, and Bones. These two guys were supposedly against each other and their policies, and they had a history together. Then you look into George bushes, dad, and how he was a shady CIA head and all these other weird things.

         It was just a combination of one thing after another when you learn it, and you’re like, wait, that can’t be real. Then you do a tiny bit of research, and it’s real. So that just kind of sent me down this rabbit hole, which I’ve been down for almost 15 years at this point.  Just learning new things, and I’m never surprised anymore with the amount of nefarious stuff.

         When you’re young, you look up to these people and think I want to be the president of the United States. That’s got to be the most honest person in the country, if not the world that’s at that level. Then you grow up, and you’re like, oh yeah, he’s a war criminal. So, it’s just a crazy kind culmination of all that stuff brought me here.”

         Since Brandon isn’t the type of person to buy into the conspiracy theories out there, I wanted to know if there was one conspiracy theory that he could wholeheartedly get behind. Well, staying away from the Jeffrey Epstein case because we all know he didn’t kill himself. I was surprised to find out what Brandon had to say.

         “I think it was not more than 10 years ago when Ryan and I had seen each other. I might’ve come back to Tucson on leave from the Navy. We were talking about things that were contained in Peter Joseph’s Zeitgeists movie. That movie brings a whole bunch of conspiracy ideas together. People label conspiracy theories differently, depending on the issue at hand. Obviously, I think the biggest one is the underhanded financial deals by the elite. Those are the ones, unfortunately, that unless you are some kind of a financial whiz kid, you just don’t get to see it until it’s plastered all over the New York times by a raved journalist.  The closest one that I can get to is the Gulf of Tonkin.

         We’ve even come across a whole bunch of similar conspiracy theories since before the Gulf of Tonkin, where we’re just talking about different heads of states, where we weren’t as internationally connected as a world. Still, various heads of state, just putting out propaganda to make the other side look bad. Napoleon being short is an easy and obvious example of how propaganda can be very effective. Still, those don’t need to be conspiracy theories. The king of whatever country can just choose not to say to his people this other king that we’re fighting against, he’s not as bad of a guy that you guys are saying, no, he’s going to stoke the fire a little bit. He’s going to say no, no, no, that other people on the other side of the border or whatever, they do eat babies and beat all their women.

         That’s the kind of propaganda that was being spread around there. Not more than 150 years ago in almost every corner of our world to some extent. So those are the ones that I’m actually most interested in because it actually gets into historicity. How do we want to go about believing history? Because we define a whole bunch of things that the elite do today on the ideas that we were taught as kids. So, the way that we’ve been brainwashed with a whole bunch of maybe false beliefs about how bad people were in the past and how good people were in the past. Maybe people we thought were good and trying to be like them and then later turned out not to be so good. Those are the kinds of ideas. The Gulf of Tonkin, I think, sits right there. “

         With over 125 episodes from the time I wrote this article, ranging from DARPA to The Blood Monarchy, which you may remember was an article in lasts month’s issue. I wanted to know what the future was going to bring for the Dangerous World Podcast. Don’t worry, they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, they have some great episodes planned with some great guests like Lala beam, who has a podcast by the same name. They are going to be doing an episode on the Titanic. Some other episodes you will see in the future will be about the BCCI insurance scandal or a financial scandal, Transhumanism, and the Freemasons. They also like to talk about current topics that might be going on in our media right now.

         Whether you’re a hardcore truther or just someone who likes to listen to the occasional conspiracy theory, the dangerous world podcast is a must to put into your rotation.

Be sure to listen to the paranormality magazine podcast, where I go more depth with Brandon and Ryan. We talk about various conspiracies, aliens, and other interesting, fun facts.

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