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Behind The Mic With Shannon LeGro

Shannon is a woman who genuinely loves everything paranormal and strange. With over 300 episodes of her hit podcast Into The Fray, Shannon talks to all types of people who have experienced everything from Bigfoot to Vampires. She is also the co-writer of to books Into the Fray Bigfoot and Into the Fray Paramalgamation. If that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, she is also the host of a Tv series called On the Trail of UFOs that can be found on Amazon Video.

One has to wonder where someone can find the time to do all of that and still work a day job. As I said, Shannon really has a love for the strange, weird, and unusual. We started our conversation by talking about her two books. Into the Fray, Bigfoot is a compilation of Bigfoot encounters over the years. From the short time that I spoke with Shannon, one thing became very apparent to me, Bigfoot is her favorite cryptid. I’m sure we could have spent hours just on that topic alone, and maybe one day I will have to do that.

Her other book is called Into the Fray Paramalgamation. Yes, it is quite a tricky title. Still, it is filled with stories that can only be described as genuine encounters that don’t necessarily fix it in any box. These stories come from Shannon’s favorite podcast episodes, submitted emails, and people who have just shared their stories with her.

Shannon co-wrote both books with G. Michael Hopf, a USA Today Bestselling author of almost forty novels, including the international bestselling post-apocalyptic series, THE NEW WORLD. He has made a prominent name for himself in both the post-apocalyptic and western genres. He has sold over one million copies of his books worldwide. Many of his works have been translated into German, French, and Spanish.

I must admit I haven’t read either of these books yet, although I ordered them and am looking forward to reading them. The reviews I have read and the people I have spoken with told me these are fantastic books with some truly remarkable stories. I can wait to do my own review on them.

My introduction to the world of Into the Fray was the podcast. At the time of writing this, Shannon has created 296 episodes along with exclusive bonus content you can only find on Patreon. Each episode is around an hour to an hour and a half long and takes a deep dive into each person’s experience. I asked Shannon if she ever knows the whole story before she hits the record button. She said she would rather not have a heads up on the experience that why she can give her genuine reaction, and that offers Shannon the ability to ask questions that don’t come off a scripted.

This is probably one of my favorite things about listing to Into the Fray, well, that and the intro music. It is so creepy and true. I asked Shannon what her favorite episode was, and this is what she told me.

“I would say, and it’s taken me a long time to finally admit that I have one because I felt like I was picking a favorite child or something, but I finally have because I love to talk about this one. I know the number of this one cause it’s my favorite 158, And the episode title is Robert. Robert was someone that crashed a spring break party some underage kids were having, you know, they were under 21, 19, or 20, and they were in Florida in your neck of the woods for spring break.

Shannon LeGro Holding up her books Beyond The Fray

Many people go there, and they were in their hotel room the very first night, and they got a knock on the door. It looks to be a kid of their age. They let them in the more, the merrier, you know. They said they were staying in some cheap hotel room. They were sharing it because they didn’t have a lot of money.

Nick was my guest on that episode. And Nick said that right off the bat, he could tell that Robert was just a little different. He kind of spoke kind of different, and like he was from another time, he spoke very well. He was very polite, and I guess they were all sitting around the table playing cards or something. I can’t remember that detail, actually. Let’s just say they were sitting around the table altogether. Nick looks over at Robert, and Robert’s face completely changes. By that, I mean his hairline recedes, his bone structure changes, his hair color changes, eye color changes. I mean, literally down to even the bone structure.

So now he basically looks like a completely different human being sitting there. Obviously, that’s not what he is, but Nick looks around at his friends. Like, did you guys see that? Nobody else seemed to see that. He’s trying to just Woosah, keep it calm. He gets up, goes out the door, and stands on the front porch, but out in front of this hotel room, saying, okay, just be cool.

He goes back in and acts as nothing happened. Nick thought I don’t know what’s going on with me, but he goes back in, and Roberts is still sitting there, and his face is still different. No one has said a thing or is acting any different, and Robert just looks over and smirks at Nick. Like, yeah. I know you saw that. What do you think about that, buddy?

Things just kind of escalate from there; he notices that Robert does not eat or drink anything ever in the days that he is around him. He has no wallet. There are no labels on his clothes or his shoes. And one night, this part I always wondered about, because I’m like, was he asleep? Does he need to sleep? I don’t know, but at one point, Nick thinks he’s sleeping, or he’s maybe, you know, whatever he’s doing. so, he goes into his back pocket of his pants or jeans, whatever they were. He finds this little, essentially a book. I always call it a black book because it just comes out like that. I don’t think it was even black, but it was a little mini notebook.

The only things in this little notebook were hundreds upon hundreds of names, no numbers, no addresses. Just name after name, after name. Yeah. Weird. Nick puts it back. He’s like, okay. That is very strange. So, a day or two, after he had seen Robert’s face alter, one of his friends, a female, comes up sits next to him on the beach, and she goes, oh, Robert said that he made his face changed for you too. Nick said that he was so stunned by this that he just got up, and I walked away. He didn’t even know how to process that or what to say to her because he was already so freaked out by Robert that he was just trying to get through this party weekend with his mind intact. I would assume after seeing this.
So that’s pretty much the end of the story because he met this extraordinary person, entity being, otherworldly, extremely polite. Who could have been from another time.

Nick says that he still looks for Robert. He feels like Robert is probably still out there. Probably exactly the same age, hasn’t aged a single day. He says, and at some point in the interview, he told me that Robert had brought up the subject of vampires. Another thing that Robert said to this female friend was that he was surprised that they had never met anyone like him before.

These two things are interesting because I’m not a huge fan of EVPs. I’m just not. I think they’re highly suggestive. I have birds in my house, and half the time someone hears an EVP, it’s probably a bird in the background filtering through my microphone from a few rooms. Even just in general, EVPs are just so suggestive. This episode, though, when it aired very quickly, within an hour, I got emails and messages across all of my social media platforms going. You must go to this time marker right this minute and hear this. I go to the time marker, and it’s actually the very exact time that I’m going well. What do you think Robert was? And this was one of the other strange aspects of this story. What do you think Robert was Nick? And he goes, I think he’s just like, why? I don’t know. I couldn’t tell you, but in between all that. You can hear someone with almost like a Southern, some kind of an accident go. It was a whisper, but it’s so clear. And it is so tied in to what I’m asking Nick that I was finally excited about an EVP that was caught in my show. You know, it said vampire.

You go back and listen to it. It’s clear as day, and I’ve actually isolated that EVP and blown up the audio. That’s actually one that I’m pretty excited about. But for me, this is one of those stories you can’t put in a box, and I’m not saying that I know that he’s a vampire, that’s not what I’m saying, but it’s a little weird, a shapeshifter maybe.

I know that the actual bloodsucking vampires, essentially not a real thing. Right. But the idea of a shapeshifter or someone that maybe, I don’t know, dabbled in dark magic, and perhaps it’s a TOPA. I don’t know. But gosh, I’d sure like to meet Robert one day, and I mean that wholeheartedly, I want to meet you, Robert. So that episode has always stuck with me. It has come up time and time again with listeners that also find that one quite interesting and with me. So that’s my favorite.”

I that point in time, I had not heard that episode. Later that night, I was taking a drive down Gulf Beach Drive. I played that episode. It reminded me a lot of my first spring break in Florida. No, I didn’t see any shapeshifting vampires, but I did meet many strange people. I would have to say after listening to that episode, Robert, if you are still in Florida and find yourself in Venice, I would really like to meet you too. Besides the books and the podcast, Shannon Besides the books and the podcast, Shannon also is the host of On the Trail of UFOs. This is a seven-episode series where Shannon goes all around the U.S. talking to people who have had encounters with UFOs and Extraterrestrials. It is currently available on Amazon Prime and well worth a Saturday or Sunday binge. There is a second installment of this series that will be coming out next month called On The Trail Of UfOs Dark Sky. After talking to Shannon for a while, I wanted to find out how it all started, and the experience she had that led her down this unique path to find the truth. “My shadow person experience, which was back when I was around 12 years old. I didn’t actually tell anyone this until I was on Sasquatch Chronicles as a cohost. That was 30 years after the fact or whatever it was at that point. Anyhow my parents had divorced, my father bought a cabin in Utah, just a getaway cabin, and we would go up there all the time. A couple of things that we did most days were both fishing and going four-wheeling. On this particular day, it was summertime, we were on one of the longer trips, and it was beautiful outside. No clouds, just a beautiful day. So, we decided to go out four-wheeling my two brothers and me. My dad was down in Cedar City, which is about a half-hour drive down the mountain. So, I decided since it was a little warm out, I wasn’t going to wear my helmet.

This is important, and anybody that has ridden dirt bikes and four-wheelers will know if you’re wearing your helmet with those goggles. They’re plastic. You can’t really see that great out of those things. They’re terrible. They’re stifling, it’s hot, and you can’t really see, but they are essential, especially if you have people riding in front of you.

Well, my dad wasn’t around, so Shannon’s hot, and I don’t feel like wearing them. So I didn’t wear a helmet, no goggles, and that’ll come into play here in a minute. We’re riding up and down dirt roads. It’s set up in a grid pack. We’re hauling ass down. One of these dirt roads and I’ve taken up the back end here, and my brothers are ahead of me again. Don’t have my goggles on. Nothing’s blocking me. So, I’m hanging back that way. I don’t get a face full of dust, and I’m not eating their dust. At one point, I look off into the wooded area to my right. If you’ve been up around duck Creek, Utah, then you know it’s very different from Ohio or parts of Florida. There’s not a lot of ground brush. It’s pretty open. You have these Aspen trees, and I could see well. About 30 feet into the Woodline, I saw four completely black, black is black, even darker than that utterly devoid of light. It’s like they were. Just sucking in any blackness that they could find.

It’s a bright sunshine day, the middle of the day. And they are keeping up with me on my four-wheeler. They are right next to me, paralleling me, and they are moving their arms and legs, which I instantly thought with my 12-year-old brain. That is really weird. You guys aren’t from around here? Why in the hell do you need to move your arms and legs?

They are probably around six feet tall, not super skinny, not super big, pretty normal looking except for the fact that they were completely black head to toe. No definition whatsoever. Couldn’t see ears. Couldn’t see anything like that. So, I watched them for about a five-count, which is a pretty good little ticket time, really? I’m still going on my four Wheeler. I got to check my path. I look forward, make sure I’m not going to flip over a log or something. I look back, and they are completely gone. That, of course, stuck with me. It did scare me enough where I didn’t go riding for a few days, which was very strange.

I caught up quickly to my brothers. I said, let’s go back. I want to go back. I’m hot, and they said, all right, let’s go back. My dad got back to the cabin, and I did tell him what I saw, and he’s ex-military, so he said, oh, that was just military men. They do exercises out here all the time.

To this day, he remembers me telling him this story. And to this day, he still doesn’t believe that I saw anything weird. I was very adamant that no, dad, these were not people. Absolutely a hundred percent were not human beings. People go well, what was it, Shannon. What’d you see? What do you think it was? The short answer is I have no freaking clue. I would be crazy to act like I knew what that was or where they were from, or why did I see them.

Why me? That’s a question that comes up all the time with folks, and my best guess is because we know there are other dimensions. It’s proven it’s not this colossal debate anymore. I just think I looked over, and I caught a little glimpse into another dimension for a few seconds. They were there, and I was there at the same time, and it essentially did change my life.”

I understand what Shannon means when she says it completely changed her life. Some things happened to me when I was that age. We talked a bit about that and other topics in our interview. You can find the full behind-the-mic interview with Shannon on our YouTube channel Paranormality After Dark or our podcast Paranormality Magazine.

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