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Bigfoot will soon have a new home… on the moon

Bigfoot will soon have a new home… on the moon

Dan Chudzinski, a talented artist and sculptor from northwest Ohio, found his creative spark during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown when he received an exciting commission by The Norman Rockwell Museum of Massachusetts. His project – “Evasive Species” – is based on classic folklore monsters that have been recreated in larger-than-life proportions for this exhibit.

“The challenge was: can I do something in high resolution, hyper-realistic detail that when you approach it in a gallery it still makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up?” Chudzinski, who is also the curator of the Mazza Museum at the University of Findlay, said.

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At first, he was determined to construct a huge 10-foot sasquatch sculpture yet eventually opted for crafting only its bust. To create the form of the creature, he used an incredible 400 pounds of clay and then afterward completed it with paint and taxidermy hair that had been installed by hand – taking three whole weeks!

After its debut at the exhibit, the magnificent sculpture earned multiple best-in-show accolades. Recently, it was again celebrated with a top honor from 16th International Art Renewal Center Salon Competition.

credit: jon monk

Chudzinski’s iconic sculpture, featuring a snarling man-beast with yellowed teeth and fierce wolf-like eyes under muscular eyebrows, will be preserved for eternity as part of the Lunar Codex contemporary art archive initiative. His work will live on in the form of etched nickel microfilm which is set to be placed inside a time capsule at the south pole of our moon.

Spencer Cunningham, the University of Findlay art instructor took a photograph that will be used to record something special.

“A picture is much more than just an image,” declared Cunningham. “It holds all kinds of details and memories – offering us a portal back in time! To have one such photo on the moon who knows how many people it will touch for years and centuries to come!”

Chudzinski feels deeply touched by this honor, and wishes to serve as a beacon of inspiration for upcoming artists from the northwest Ohio region with his accomplishments.

“You want to create something that outlasts you, something that is meaningful,” he said. Knowing now that I’ll never be able to look at the moon the same way, I’ll know that I did leave a mark there, a big footprint on the moon. That’s pretty extraordinary.”

Later this year, the momentous Griffin lunar lander mission led by NASA and SpaceX will open a launch window for the microfilm containing “Evasive Species” to be sent up to our celestial neighbor: The Moon. Don’t miss out on one of humanity’s most ambitious expeditions ever; mark your calendars for Fall or Winter 2023!

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