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Bizarre video appears to show an anteater with two heads

The online world is in a state of shock as an unusual video has been making waves – one that reveals an anteater with two heads! Shared on Twitter, this perplexing clip captures the creature munching away at a log while its second furry white head assists. To say people are bewildered would be an understatement.

With the captivating caption ‘Took me a minute…’, user @buitengebieden uploaded their viral video to Twitter, where it has been viewed an astonishing 26 million times!

The clip was originally filmed at Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, Massachusetts.

One viewer replied: ‘I thought the dude had two heads, took me five minutes to make sure I wasn’t tripping’, while another said ‘this tripped me out’.

One added: ‘I still don’t get what’s happening. A two headed creature – one’s an anteater, one is a goat. Three legs and a peacock tail? Why is he wearing shoes?’

The second ‘head’ is actually the anteater’s camouflaged forearm.

In stark contrast to the grizzled, brownish-grey coat of fur on its body, this mammal’s legs remain pristine white and fluffy — encircled by striking bands of black.

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Not only does this clever adaptation act as a form of camouflage, it also has the remarkable effect of making the paws appear to have eyes and a nose – providing ample protection against predators.

Giant anteaters have a tendency of being solitary creatures, yet females give birth to only one baby per year. By the time they reach two years old, these young are considered full-grown and must leave their mama’s side. During this crucial period before separation, female giant anteaters carry their little ones on their backs.

The baby’s stripes cleverly mirror its mother’s, making it nearly invisible to predators and thus providing the much-needed protection for the young animal.

The fur of the species camouflages their enormous claws, used to break through anthills since they don’t have any teeth.

People who noticed the captivating adaptation were astonished.

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Brandon Grimes
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