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Boater filmed impressive Bigfoot footage – but is it a hoax?

Boater filmed impressive Bigfoot footage – but is it a hoax?

A video recently captured in Canada has given the clearest perspective yet of what appears to be a Bigfoot. The Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization shared the footage online, which was filmed by boaters in Northern Ontario.

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Although we don’t know when and where this was filmed or who the witnesses are, this video of Bigfoot is one of the most convincing ones to appear online.

In the footage (seen above), the boaters are filming a nearby forested shoreline when a large bipedal creature covered in fur emerges from the woods and walks across an open area until disappearing back into the trees.

The supposed Sasquatch has a coloring that makes it practically indistinguishable from its environment. Additionally, it swings its arms in the same way as the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot does.

The Bigfoot footage is intriguing as the bipedal figure in the background of the video is clear for about six seconds. This is a lengthy sighting compared to most other cryptid videos.

As the video shows, there are a limited number of creatures it could have been, with Sasquatch being the most likely.

Some viewers who are more skeptical might argue that the animal is actually a bear walking on two legs. Even though that explanation seems far-fetched, it’s hard to deny in light of how smoothly the creature moves.

The other explanation that cannot be discounted is that the video is a well-crafted hoax, either produced on-site using a person in a suit or, failing that, after the fact by way of a digital manipulation. With that in mind, what do you make of the wild footage?

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