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California grants young girl a license to own a unicorn

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California grants young girl a license to own a unicorn

California grants young girl a license to own a unicorn

With her creative brilliance and astute understanding of how bureaucracy can quash ambition, Madeline achieved the unimaginable. After petitioning Los Angeles animal control authorities for a license to own a unicorn — should she be able to locate one – she received approval!

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After the groundbreaking permit was issued, there were specific conditions that had to be followed: The mythical creature needed regular access to sunlight, moonbeams and rainbows as well as have its horn shined with a soft cloth every month.

Director Marcia Mayeda of the county Department of Animal Care and Control sent the girl a heart-shaped, rose-colored metal tag with “Permanent Unicorn License” emblazoned on it, along with a white fuzzy unicorn doll with pink ears, purple hooves, and a silver horn.

Last month, a young girl sent the department an earnest request in the form of a brief letter: “Dear LA County, I humbly ask for your permission to keep and care for a unicorn should I come across one.”

Mayeda commended the girl for her “sense of responsible pet ownership to seek permission in advance” and for thoughtfully considering “the requirements of providing a loving home to animals.”

The agency posted images of the correspondence, the license, the medallion and the stuffed toy on its social media accounts, with the girl’s last name obscured.

In order to be considered a responsible unicorn owner, five conditions must be satisfied. This includes ensuring that any sparkles and glitter used on the animal are non-toxic and eco-friendly, as well as feeding it watermelon at least once weekly.

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