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City in China pelted with worm rain storm

City in China pelted with worm rain storm

Residents of Liaoning, China were advised to seek shelter when it seemed like the sky was releasing swarms of worms.

A viral video revealed the area inundated with small worms raining down from the sky, leaving a thick layer of wriggling critters coating every surface.

In the video, locals shielding themselves with umbrellas proceeded on their daily tasks and strolled by.

As the origins of this slimy creature chaos remain uncertain, Mother Nature Network posited that heavy winds were at fault for their untimely arrival.

As the periodical described, these strange occurrences are often seen after a storm when bugs become caught in an intense vortex.

An alternate hypothesis proposed that the worms were, in fact, tulip tree blossoms — a species of poplar flowers which strikingly resemble wriggling creatures.

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Viewers were stunned by the city’s current problem, with one person stating: “These are not worms or animals, but flower stalks dropped from trees.”

Someone else claimed that the video was fake and looked like a prank.

“Strange phenomena,” a user added, with another weighing in, “If i was just minding my business on a casual day in China and it started raining worms ?? i’d just die.”

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