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Coast to Coast AMs Spookiest Ghost Videos of 2022


Coast to Coast AMs Spookiest Ghost Videos of 2022

Coast to Coast AMs Spookiest Ghost Videos of 2022

In 2022, cameras were seemingly everywhere watching over homes and businesses as well as paranormal investigators in search of spirits. As a result, there was no shortage of spectral videos from people accidentally capturing ghosts on camera or purposely summoning them. Check out C2C’s spookiest ghost videos of 2022, if you dare …

A hospital security guard in Argentina may have been filmed talking to the spirit of a patient that had died hours earlier in the evening.

Suggesting that spirits may be able to harness any form of technology to communicate, a particularly creepy case saw what a man suspects was a ghost speaking to him through his Alexa device.

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A pair of friends on a ghost hunting adventure at a notoriously haunted Arkansas hotel inadvertently captured compelling footage of what appears to be spirit of a child dashing past them.

Attentive viewers of the Amazon series James May: Our Man in Italy spotted a strange anomaly which resembled a translucent figure wafting through the background of an episode set at the site of a mass grave.

An eerie piece of home security footage from Canada showed a cat that appeared to be terrified by a ghostly mist that emerged from a creepy doll.

Ghost hunters investigating a haunted fort in England were forced to evacuate from the site following a series of inexplicable booms that had no discernible source.

While driving down a highway in Argentina, a motorist filmed a ghostly figure hanging off the back of a moving truck.

Unsettling home security footage showed an unseen force pushing a dog across a floor and knocking over a crawling toddler.

A purportedly possessed doll belonging to a paranormal researcher in England was spotted moving on its own in an unnerving piece of footage.

In New Zealand, a bus burst into flames and then lurched across the road, leaving witnesses to wonder if the spirit of its former owner, who had previously died inside the vehicle, may have been behind the wheel.

What were thought by some to be full-bodied apparitions were filmed by security cameras in ArizonaMississippi, and Missouri.

In Scotland, a baby monitor captured the chilling moment when a toddler began speaking to ‘someone’ that his parents think may have been the boy’s late grandmother.

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