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Cornwall woman finds face of Jesus in her pizza box


Cornwall woman finds face of Jesus in her pizza box

Cornwall woman finds face of Jesus in her pizza box

The mother-of-two maintained that the leftover grease stain on the box looked a lot like a sign of divine intervention.

Some might ponder whether it is truly God’s will that a physical embodiment of Jesus Christ would ever appear like this. Many believe in the enigmatic nature of divine intervention, so we may find our answers through faith and reflection.

When 33-year-old Kim Ellis, a native of Cornwall, England, and her partner were enjoying their Domino’s meat feast pizza box recently, she was astounded when the greasy stain on it stirred up some familiar memories.

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“I just looked up and noticed a little face looking back at me and thought it was funny,” she said.

“My first thought was Jesus because of the flowing hair and beard.”

In no time, she snapped a shot of the box and shared it online. It didn’t take long for her post to seize everyone’s attention!

Although not everyone was confident that the stain bore an image of Jesus, there were those who argued it more closely resembled Charles Manson or John Lennon.

No matter what the case may be, this photo illustrates pareidolia – a remarkable ability of our minds to recognize shapes in random patterns.

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source Unexplained Mysteries

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