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Could Kindred Spirits end up on the chopping block?

Looks as though the Travel Channel is losing another one of its popular paranormal programs. Most have heard about the recent cancellation of Destination Fear, and the drama and fallout involved with the team and other travel channel stars, current and former. For those unfamiliar, I’ve written a couple of articles about the subject you can find here. 

Well, it seems that the cancellation wheel is still spinning at Travel Channel, as recent tweets from Kindred Spirits show host Amy Bruni has been fueling speculation that the show will be the next to go.

While she has reiterated in a recent tweet “Again, our season ended two days ago. We never know about renewals until months later usually. This last year we didn’t hear until July.”  but other tweets paint a different story. 

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This is the tweet she pinned only two days ago, tagging both the Travel Channel and Discovery Plus, the merging companies that are set to ax her show. The phrasing “we hope to see you soon” is not filling many fans with confidence. 

In other recent tweets, she can be seen informing followers that watching the show as the episodes Air is way better for a show, rather than waiting till its completion and bingeing it.

Encouraging her fans to watch the final episodes of the season as soon as possible to boost the ratings. She, and co-star Adam Berry, have also been tweeting support for the Project Fear team and their kickstart and shift to a Youtube format. Many are seeing this support as a foreshadowing of what’s to come. 

The show’s third member, psychic investigator Chip Coffey has been less vocal but retweeted the previous sentiments of Bruni.

Coffey has been the center of several scandals involving his claimed psychic abilities and has been accused by many skeptics of using unsavory cold-reading techniques.

He also reportedly stormed out of an interview in 2013 when pressed about these investigations into his practices.  If Brunei’s estimations are accurate we’ll know the fate of the popular Kindred Spirits sometime over the summer.

The team is clearly hoping to hold onto their TV presence, but if recent events are telling us anything, the odds aren’t good.

Will the team make the Youtube Jump? Will they flip on Bagans like their former colleagues? Whatever happens, we’ll certainly be keeping an eye on what the future holds for Paranormal entertainment.

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