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Do You Have An Elephants Eye On Your Palm? Find Out What It Means


Do You Have An Elephants Eye On Your Palm? Find Out What It Means

Ganesha is the Indian god with an Elephants’s head. In India, the Elephant has always been seen as a sacred animal. In the drought season, the Elephant herd will lead the way and walk many miles to dig in the earth with their tusks to find water. After drinking the herd will then stand back to allow all the other animals to come forward and drink. Elephants are highly intelligent, and they say an elephant never forgets.

Britain has had a love affair with India for several centuries and it’s not uncommon to see houses of Englishmen with an elephant model in the window. Ganesha is said to be the beginner of all things, a remover of obstacles. The Elephant is the most spiritual of all animals. Children in India used to be taught the story of how man befriended the elephant by walking the fingers across the teacher’s desk, the thumb being the trunk and the fingers the legs. The elephant shows the children the correct way to walk through life.

If you look at your thumb the top phalange is said to represent willpower and how it functions. The middle phalange is determination and the bulge to the Thumb in the palm itself is the love instinct. Between the joints of the thumb is sometimes seen is a special marking known in India as the Elephants Eye or yava Rekha ( barley line).      

This is Ganeshas marking and is said to show rapport with animals if seen with a good clear heart line. In India, if they see this marking they will tell you that in a previous life you were kind to Elephants and this is your reward for that kindness. Severe karmic penalties are said to follow those who are cruel to the most spiritual of beasts.

The three sections in the fingers are known as phalanges The top one is Spirit next is Mind and the last is the body, the elephant’s eye must only be seen between the Spirit and mInd, check your own hand as in India it is said to give much luck and ability and trust from animals.

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