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Does Iraq have a UFO – Spy Plane image has surfaced

Does Iraq have a UFO – Spy Plane image has surfaced

In 2016, a peculiar occurrence was reported in the skies of Mosul by an American reconnaissance aircraft and captured on camera. The military is prying into it as they suspect that this could be a bona fide extraterrestrial sighting.

The US military is delving into an ‘unrecognized flying object’ after a gigantic, metal-like construct was observed by a spy aircraft in the vicinity of an ongoing conflict zone.

During a confidential briefing in April 2016, Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp shared an unprecedented image through their podcast ‘Weaponized’. This photograph offered US officials with access to never-before-seen information.

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The Pentagon’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force recently put out a briefing which described an unidentified object, travelling from south to north without changing its altitude.

Although the true nature of the orb is still a mystery, Jeremy and George have reported that US military authorities are treating it with great seriousness. They hold to an opinion that someone or something directed its course with intent.

On Jeremy’s podcast, he asserted: “The basic gist is this – the Mosul orb is an image taken in Northern Iraq.”

“This is in the UFO category within our intelligence community. This is an example of one of the UFOs that our military and intelligence community are looking at.

Image Credit: Twitter / Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell

“It’s one of many images, this one is a still from a video. It’s a brief video, maybe four seconds, where this orb or metallic ball runs alongside a spy plane and it’s shown moving beside the plane without dropping altitude at all.

“This is within part of the conversation of our intelligence community, this is what they’re looking at.

“Isn’t it funny? UFOs are often reported in four basic shapes, you’ve got spheres, pyramids, cubes, and cigars. Very fundamental shapes, totally not aerodynamic at all.

“You’ve got a flying cube, a flying sphere? These shapes are not aerodynamic.

“This is one of the pieces of video and photographic evidence that is within the intelligence community, saying ‘this is a UFO, we caught one, what can we determine from it’.”

Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp discussed the image at length on their podcast, Weaponized ( Image: Jeremy Corbell/Weaponized)

During a public discussion, an ex-high ranking military official made a stunning admission – that Unidentified Flying Objects are indeed real.

At a recent forum hosted by the To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science, US Army veteran Luis Eiizondo discussed his experience as an intelligence officer with the Department of Defense. During this remarkable event focused on UFOs and alien technology research, he revealed that at one point in time he served within a project geared towards assessing potential extraterrestrial threats to Earth.

He then went on to say how he had seen genuine evidence of an alien vessel – and added that he planned to release it to the public.

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