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Don’t throw your Christmas tree out just eat it instead “New Trend”

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Don’t throw your Christmas tree out just eat it instead “New Trend”

Don’t throw your Christmas tree out just eat it instead “New Trend”

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As Christmas ends, people are discarding their festive trees left and right. However, a few have found an extraordinary way to keep the spirit of holiday evergreens alive — by devouring them!

This year, folks are embracing an exciting new trend of repurposing their once-loved Christmas trees in the kitchen by using them as key ingredients in recipes.

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“You can pretty much eat the whole thing,” Julia Georgallis, author of “How To Eat Your Christmas Tree,” told The Guardian. “You can use the needles as you would use rosemary or bay leaves, for flavor.”

Georgallis stated that pine needles can be combined much like rosemary or bay leaves to give other dishes an exquisite flavor. Alternatively, they can also be crushed and steeped into a vinegar or gin infusion for an even more robust taste!

To create a unique flavor, she suggested charring small sections of the Christmas tree in a hot oven and then blending them into pine ash. This will make for an interesting addition to any dish!

According to various food experts, pine needles can be used not only as a garnish but also for pickling eggs or vegetables and adding them to drinks or infusions.

It doesn’t stop there either.

TikTok has been buzzing with excitement around pine needle tea – a delicious beverage made by boiling water, pre-washed pine needles and branches to create a flavorful broth. What’s more, some have even proclaimed that the Christmas tree concoction can help soothe tired muscles!

Through the internet, individuals have discovered a creative new way to utilize pine needles by boiling them with sugar and water to make an irresistible syrup.

Beyond the pine needles, there are a plethora of other parts from your Christmas tree that you can enjoy!

Georgallis, the visionary behind London’s supper club featuring Christmas trees-based dishes, also noted that if you opt to replant your tree, you can savor its fresh sprouts in the spring.

But she sternly advises those who desire to partake in her “favorite” Spruce Ice Cream Sundae to wear gloves since the needles tend to be quite spiky.

“I have so much love for the spruce,” she wrote. “They are regal and also taste bloody delicious.” 

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