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Elon Musk Tweets There Are UFOS Sending Twitter Into A Frenzy

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Elon Musk Tweets There Are UFOS Sending Twitter Into A Frenzy

ELON Musk has sparked a Twitter frenzy after he said there were UFOs as Congress moved to set up a unit to probe mysterious crafts detected by the US military.

The SpaceX CEO comments come after he said he believed that civilizations might have existed in our galaxy. 

Three months ago the Pentagon shared a bombshell report that didn’t rule out aliens existing.

The long-awaited report was released in June and detailed what the government knows about a series of mysterious flying objects that had been observed in military airspaces over the last several decades.

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Now Musk has seemingly said he believed there could be visitors from another world. 

He tweeted: “I’m not saying there are UFOs … but there are UFOs.”

This sparked a huge response on Twitter, with many asking him if he knew more about the existence of aliens. 

One said: “With all the SpaceX flights you did…I’m pretty sure you have tons of Monitors into a Dark Room where you keep watching the classified images your cameras get. 

“But the question is: Does NASA monitor it as well? Release the secrets Elon. Life is too short.”

Earlier this year, Musk said while he has not seen any evidence of aliens, there could be “dead civilizations” out in space.

But speaking in a discussion on the voice-chatting app Clubhouse, he said that there are arguments that it is likely that consciousness might exist outside of Mars, but he was “pretty sure he would know about it”.

He said: “I have seen nothing to indicate that there is any alien civilization whatsoever. 

“I’d be the first to jump on that in a second, but I’ve seen no such evidence.”

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