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Extra Sensory Perception Abilities Awaken Sixth Sense

“Am I A Neurodivergent Beacon?”

I will always wonder at what point in my life I awakened my sixth sense.  My sixth sense allows me to see, hear, feel, smell, and communicate with visually unseen energies. 

In my early 20’s, I went to a psychic to ask why my life was always experiencing turmoil.  The psychic told me I was gifted and warned me I needed to learn how to redirect my anger to calm my mind when situations upset me.  She told me my mind was unusually powerful.  I didn’t understand what she was telling me until years later when I became angry about two situations and learned of their tragic outcomes.  I went back to the psychic to ask her how to “shut off” my mind. 

Later in my years, I began observing object movement in my homes that I blamed entirely on poltergeist activity.  I was rather adventurous and foolish in my investigating haunted properties.  I suspected I brought home attachments.  As these occurrences increased, I denied my involvement in creating the unexplained situations not realizing I may have been telekinetic.  

Since the age of 4, I have experienced over 100+ paranormal and 3-4 perceived extraterrestrial visitations.  Raised spiritually religious, I felt my initial experiences were attributed to just that … spiritual visitations.  As time went on, I began rethinking my situations and labelled most as paranormal.  Now, I feel my experiences have been a combination of spiritual, paranormal, and extraterrestrial.    

In searching for answers, I shared my stories with experiencers and psychics who suggested my sixth sense began to evolve when I found myself in traumatic situations.  These situations would cause my pineal gland (lobe in brain) to expand allowing for higher sensitivity and receptivity in its rewiring process.  Yet others suggested I may have been exposed to forms of radiation causing my brain to rewire during healing.  Finally, another suggested I may have been the victim of an abduction by extraterrestrials who in turn, erased my memory of such events causing me to be exposed to forms of radiation.  

In the past few years, I have had Reiki treatments done to remove attachments and a past life regression to determine if I had been abducted.


Therapist:  Why do you think unexplained situations happen around you? 

Me:  I don’t know  

Therapist:  Let’s go back in time to when you were a child.  Do you ever recall having moments when you noticed unusual happenings that made no sense? 

Me:  That’s a vague statement.  Young kids don’t analyze their world at that age.  They just live it.  How far back do you want me to go?

Therapist:  As far back as you can remember.

Me:  Well, there was a time when I was age 4.  I recall having visions of traumatic events that would show on television the next day.  At first, I passed them off as a coincidence.  As they happened more frequently, I felt I was causing them.

Therapist:  What were some of your visions?   

Me:  Airplane crashes, war situations, assassinations, drownings.  All negative.

Therapist:  How did these visions come to you?

Me:  In my mind.  A quick visual flash.  Sometimes in my dreams.

Therapist:   And these visions happened around the age of 4?

Me:  Yes.  I would say they continued until about age 9.

Therapist:  Do you recall experiencing trauma as a child?

Me:  Depends on your definition of trauma.  Yes.  When I was three years old, I experienced a sad, devastating event.  A death.  I do not want to talk about it.

Therapist:   Do you continue to experience visions? 

Me:  Yes.  And they remain negative.  They seem to appear to me as warnings about people wanting to target me.  Problem is, I can never stop these situations from happening.   

Therapist:  Interesting.  When having these visions, what mental state are you in?

Me:  Depressed or extremely tired. 

Therapist:  Has your depression ever been treated with medication?

Me:  Only for a short period of time.  I don’t like taking pills.  I don’t believe in masking something not completely understood.  Maybe my brain is wired differently.

People ask me if I am psychic.  Maybe.  They ask me at what age did my extra sensory abilities begin to detect unusual happenings?  Age 3-4.  People ask me if I believe in ghosts?  I do.  People ask me in what ways have I experienced the supernatural?  I have been able to sense, see, feel, hear, and smell what I cannot explain.  Maybe my experiences simply come from my creative mind or imagination.  

Questions and Answers

Question:  Is there a reasonable explanation as to how extra sensory perception (ESP) abilities develop in the brain?  Answer: The research on this has been inconclusive.  Based on numerous studies, neuroscientists believe ESP does not exist because findings cannot be replicated in controlled conditions.  

Question:  Expanding on this question further, could there be a relationship between neurodivergent brain disorder and ESP abilities as they pertain to the experiencing of paranormal encounters?  Answer:  A question that cannot be answered until further studies remarkably conclude and differentiate them.

Preliminary Perspectives

Neurodivergent brain dysfunction is described as a disorder or disability that affects the way a person receives and processes information.  Examples of disorders might include autism, dyslexia, trauma, developmental disabilities, ODD, OCD, ADD, PSTD, ADHD, anxiety, gifted, epilepsy, auditory processing, and other specific learning disabilities.  In looking back at my therapy session, I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression but was never tested for dyslexia, ADHD, or ADD.  Could these be factors of consideration?

Extra sensory perception is described as impressions the brain receives or communication that occurs without involvement of any of our communicating sensory organs.  Extra sensory phenomena generally fall into three classified categories: (1) precognition (knowledge of future events), (2) clairvoyance (awareness of future events and outcomes), and (3) telepathy (ability to know thoughts of people separated by distance).  Other examples might include: (4) clairaudience (ability to hear messages) and (5) clairsentience (ability to sense energy).  In my younger years, it was apparent to me I experienced all categories but eventually needed to add tele- and psychokinesis (movement of objects) to my abilities.

Brain Function

Brain function and health are unique to every individual.  Comprised of two hemispheres within the brain (left and right), the left (logical) and right (creative) serve as bases for other connective lobes that perform specific functions.  If either hemisphere of the brain is injured or overstimulated, this could affect regular functioning resulting in electrical pulses that misfire, go astray, or change areas in the brain while in a corrective state.         

Lying directly in the middle of the brain is the pineal gland.  The pineal gland is vital for physical, mental, and spiritual health.  It serves as the gateway to higher consciousness, spiritual awakening, and psychic abilities.   If the pineal gland were compensating for an injury, it could electrically overstimulate either area within the brain that open to what we call our “third eye” or “sixth sense.”  There remains a lot to be learned about brain function.

Younger Years

I saw the psychologist when I was age 17.  I decided it was time for me to get help in ridding my depression and anxiety.  I lived a life in constant turmoil.  I learned to push my anger, anxiety, and emotions deep inside me.  As a result of years holding my emotions inside, I developed a stomach ulcer. 

The first line of treatment as prescribed by the psychologist was for me to undergo hypnosis to calm my anxiety.  When I told him I needed help with the visions, he discounted them as being mere coincidences.  My visions worsened.

Connecting The Dots

At the age of 3, I recall experiencing my first traumatic event (death of a family member).  I also recall around the age of 5, falling down a tall flight of stairs hitting my head against a concrete floor.  By the age of 6, I found myself struggling to remain focused in school, couldn’t figure out homework, had no attention span (especially when reading boring books), was sensitive to behaviors and the acts of others, and turned to isolation to escape emotional pain.  On the flip side of the coin, I found myself to be incredibly observational as compared to others.  Around the age 9, I found myself experiencing clairaudience (grandparent’s house, chatter in the kitchen, no one in there, in house alone). Around age 14, I wanted to see a ghost on my father’s childhood property and inadvertently manifested two apparitions there several years later.                       

By age 17, I fell into a severe depression.  What I learned later in life was that my participating in hypnotic sessions triggered within me a deeper depressive mental state activating premonitions, psychic predictions, and remote viewing abilities.  By the age of 22, a psychic warned me my mind was very powerful and to calm my anger issues as I could inadvertently create disturbances. I had no idea what she was talking about.  Around age 30, I was physically attacked by something I could not see in my grandparent’s home in an upper floor bedroom.  In my 40’s, as mentioned earlier, I photographed two apparitions in a screened window that telepathically spoke to me.  By the age of 55, I haunted three homes, observed my husband under a possession, experienced a few trance situations, moved objects with my mind, was choked by, sat on, and kicked up into the air by an unseen energy, dealt with poltergeist activity, and noticed a blood red handprint on my chest that remained for 3 hours (elongated fingers, crooked finger).  To this day, I still do not know if that handprint was spiritual, paranormal, or extraterrestrial.  I only know it wasn’t mine. 

Now age 60+, I have encountered more than 100+ paranormal situations and 3-4 perceived extraterrestrial visitations.  Like a beacon, I do not need to search for ghosts anymore.  They come searching for me.  My electromagnetic frequency within me attracts whatever wants to communicate with me.  I may never know whether these occurrences were caused from my brain function (mind) or if these situations are paranormal-extraterrestrial in nature.

Reactions to Sensing Energies

Over time, I have noticed the living, deceased, and children sense my ESP abilities and all react accordingly.  For example, deceased energies appear to be drawn to me as if I were a beacon of light.  Their mission in wanting my attention is to communicate.  The living appears to sense my abilities referring to me as highly intuitive, psychic, and empathic.  Their desire in wanting my attention is to vent to me openly about their personal issues.  Children and pets alike are highly sensitive and insightful beings.  Both seem to seek from me time, attention, and sensitivity.  Some have referred to me as a dog whisperer.

Children and ESP

Some theorists believe when babies are born, they enter this world with brain functioning that start at the same place, known as a clean slate.  However, these theories do not seem to explain how some children (usually under the age of 5) demonstrate exceptional gifts such as knowledge of historical events, unique perceptions, vocal and musical talents, or ability to predict futuristic outcomes. 

What is even more interesting is when young children, usually under age 5, share details about their past lives, known as reincarnation.  If babies begin life with a clean brain-functioning slate, then, how can we explain past life memories and being gifted without years of development or training?

One observation is clear, as the child ages, the desensitization process of ESP abilities appears to block sensory perceptions and are replaced with influential attitudes based on environment, religious affiliations, parental opinions, distractions (school), and refocus (sports activities). 

With the suppression of conscious awakenings, ESP abilities go onto the back burner until a later time in life when something unexpected or unexplained challenges the logical and creative hemispheres of the brain.  For example, let’s presume a person is experiencing what appears to be a paranormal incident.  Studies have shown when a person encounters an unusual situation they cannot critically explain, the right hemisphere of the brain activates their ESP abilities attempting to justify the situation.  However, most left (logical) brain functioning individuals remain skeptic regardless.

Parapsychology, ESP, and Psychological Disorders

Some parapsychologists suggest the existence of ESP abilities is caused by certain types of brain activity not necessarily associated with neurodivergent disorder.  Brain activity can change or become restructured over time due to injury, overstimulation, or correction by electrical pulses (rewiring within the brain). 

For example, a person who is struck by lightning, electrocuted, or hit in the head may suddenly find they have ESP abilities in predicting the future. However, having an overactive or compensating pineal gland can also act like an antenna (beacon, light) drawing unexplained perceived paranormal experiences.  Why this occurs, no one knows. 

We ask the question if those who experience ESP abilities are more intelligent.  The answer is, “no.”  Having psychic or extra sensory perception abilities do not equate to having a higher intellect.  Knowing the outcome of a futuristic event is not considered a measure of intelligence. 

ESP abilities may also develop from situations that involve (not limited) – epigenetic transmission of parental genes (trauma), environmental influences, religious beliefs, traumatic events, complex or typical PTSD, near death experiences, or by having a brain function disorder-disability known as “neurodiversity.”

Neurodivergent Disorders

Someone who may have a neurodivergent disorder might be described as a person whose brain functions differently in one or more ways as compared to standard or typical learning measurements.  Neurodivergence, however, can manifest in different ways and at different points in life.  People who are classified as being neurodivergent can demonstrate this disorder in a mild or severe form.  Those having a mild form may go unnoticed while others with severe forms behave differently than the norm as established by society (known as neurotypical).

As stated earlier, some examples of neurodiversity are: (1) autism, (2) dyslexia, (3) trauma, (4) complex PTSD and/or typical PTSD), (5) developmental disabilities, (6) learning disabilities, (7) ADHD, (8) anxiety, (9) OCD, (10) auditory processing, (11) sensory integration disorder, (12) gifted, (13) developmental co-ordination disorder, (14) ADD, (15) Tourette’s, and (16) epilepsy.

Earlier Years, No Testing

Back in time, it was not a common practice in my school to test children for disorders.  First, not enough information was known about disorders.  Second, there was a consensus that children should not be labeled with a disorder as this would excuse common mental development issues.  And third, as one ages, one might experience a health issue resulting in altered brain functioning.  For example, someone who develops epilepsy may experience brain changes but not necessarily acquire ESP abilities.  On the flip side, ESP abilities are not necessarily altered by having a neurodivergent disorder.  As the brain attempts to compensate for injury, it is likely ESP abilities could be hindered or heightened but not guaranteed.

Walking Our Path to Understanding

We all walk a unique path in life and leave our footprint.  No two footsteps on the same path leave the same mark.  For years, I have been searching for answers on how my ESP abilities and mild neurodivergent disorder(s) have opened my sixth sense allowing me to experience unexplained “perceived” paranormal and extraterrestrial situations.  Like a puzzle nearly finished, I realize I may never find that one missing piece that explains the connections of my abilities.  Nor may we ever really know how our brain functions allowing us to have or not have unusual insights.


Dr. Kelly Renee Schutz is a TV Talk Show host-producer of “Disembodied Voices” as seen on PARAFlixx (SVOD) (www.paraflixx.com).  She is also the host-producer of the highly ranked podcast known as “Paranormal Encounters Podcast Series” heard worldwide on several platforms.  She is a sensitive, intuitive empath with visionary and telekinetic abilities who has earned five advanced degrees in human ecology, management, communications, education, and paralegal litigation in law (with undercover investigative duties). 

Aside from a long list of interests, she is a speaker, author, artistic creator, voice actor, and storyteller of personally experienced paranormal and extraterrestrial experiences.  On her shows, she has interviewed numerous experiencers, tv personalities, and prolific authors.  Dr. Schutz has an interest in parapsychology, ufology, consciousness, and life-after-death issues. 

Experiencing 100+ paranormal and 3-4 extraterrestrial encounters has afforded her opportunities to self-publish eleven books in her Paranormal Encounters series.  She has been featured on several radio, tv internet, and podcast shows, author-blog-book sites, two-page magazine spread in Writer’s Life Magazine, has produced a 22-segment CD called “Maynard and Mildred”, and was exclusively invited to interview the Cast of Skinwalker Ranch that was held at the PhenomeCon Conference (Sept. 2022).  To learn more about her and to read her impressive biography, visit her website at www.paranormaluniversalpress.com or write her at krschutz1@yahoo.com.

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