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Fearless Females of the Paranormal

Fearing the dark is a common phobia for both children and adults. There are endless possibilities of creepy, crawly, and supernatural boogiemen that invade our imaginations. An innocuous creaking of an old house, the soft howling of wind against an old windowpane, the tapping and popping of ancient plumbing. All sounds that can add to this fear. Irrational fear can take hold. Or is it irrational? What if these seemingly explainable noises escalated? What if you began to hear footsteps coming up the stairs when you know you were alone, or if you heard a voice whisper your name from a dark closet? Fear might become very real indeed.

There are a small group of people who happen to love this kind of thing, believe it or not. Enter THE FEARLESS FEMALES OF THE PARANORMAL. This feature intends to highlight some of the paranormal community’s most fearless ladies that inspire the field one ghost hunt at a time!

Meet Paige Dalton of @PaigeDaltonOfficial

What is the most memorable investigation you have been on so far? 

Paige: I hadn’t planned on investigating the Brumder Mansion Bed and Breakfast in Milwaukee, but found myself there for a solo stay. Originally meant for a romantic, spooky weekend with a partner who bailed on me, I decided to brave it alone at one of Wisconsin’s most haunted spots. The night was pleasant, the staff charming, but the lack of ghostly encounters left me yearning for more. Morning dawned uneventfully, and I sat down for a romantic breakfast meant for two, now just for me. The owner joined me, and my curiosity about the place’s history and resident spirits led to an engaging conversation. Post-breakfast, a private tour of the basement and catacombs revealed the darker, eerie side of the mansion’s past. The personal touch of the tour and juicy historical insights left this enthusiast on cloud nine. As I headed back up to the third floor to pack, still blissfully reeling with gratitude, a shadow, about half human-sized, unexpectedly passed in front of me. Before my brain could process what it was, I turned a corner to hear a loud “HEY!” in my ear.  These unexpected scares turned my excitement into a full blown case of Freaked Out, but the experience was undeniably thrilling. Moral of the story – when the person you’re dating ghosts you, just find the real ghosts instead. Much more thrilling. 

What items are essential for an investigation and why? 

Paige: A deep appreciation for the history! While some may find it controversial, I believe that when visiting a haunted location, the setting itself takes on the role of the main character. Paranormal encounters serve as supporting characters, enriching the narrative of the location. For instance, consider a hotel where countless guests have stayed over the years. Each guest brings a unique story that contributes to a rich and often poignant historical tapestry of the place. Prior to exploring a historical site, I typically conduct pretty thorough initial research. After my visit, and considering any supernatural experiences I may have had, I delve deeper into historical archives to uncover potential connections between documented facts and personal encounters. This process not only lends more credibility to my personal paranormal experiences but also brings me comfort that I’m helping shed light on stories that might have otherwise remained in the shadows. 

What is your advice for folks interested in getting started in the paranormal field? 

Stay open-minded, allowing your beliefs and ideas to evolve. No one is an expert here. We are all navigating the unknown. Enjoy.

Photos of Paige Dalton @PaigeDaltonOfficial

Meet Lisa, Karen, Emma, & Serana of The Para Gals Ireland @Paragals.Ireland

What is the most memorable investigation you have been on? 

Para Gals: The most memorable investigation for us would definitely be any of the nights we investigated Loftus Hall, it was a wonderful location that never disappointed! It was also the first place we used a Ouija board which was an amazing experience.

If you could invite a celebrity ghost hunter to join your crew for one night, who would it be and where would you take them to investigate? 

Para Gals: We all agree it would be have to be Elton Castee and the Overnight gang as they are literally the male versions of us! We would bring them to Spike Island.

What location is on the top of your bucket list? 

Para Gals: Top of our bucket list would be a toss-up between Waverly Hills Sanatorium and Haunted Hill House! They seem unobtainable at the moment because of the miles between Ireland and the US. Some day we will get there!

Photos of The Para Gals @Paragals.Ireland

Meet Amanda Wait McGuire of @CrescentGhosts

 What location surprised you the most with the amount of paranormal activity? 

Amanda: The Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, Missouri was the location that surprised me the most. I spent two nights there in 2014 with no other guests, and the activity would start as soon as the staff went home in the evenings. The house seemed to come alive at that time and almost go down a checklist of all of the claims that I had heard others had experienced there. There were constant footsteps, voices, and the sound of doors opening and closing in the hallways. I captured clear EVPs of what sounded like an old man on the second floor, a child on the third floor, and had the most shocking experience I’ve had to date when the screen of my basic digital recorder flashed the words “I see you.”

Do you have any favorite methods to capture paranormal evidence?

Amanda: I love to use trigger sounds in my investigations. Playing music or other audio that may have been significant to the spirits of a location has yielded some interesting results for me. I like to play the audio at a fairly high volume, and then stop it abruptly. The silence in between seems very potent for churning up activity. I also am becoming increasingly partial to the use of spirit boxes. I like to enclose them in a Faraday wallet and listen with an external speaker to cut out some of the radio noise. My favorite is the SBox from Ghost Stop. 

Have you ever investigated a hospital or asylum? If not, which location would you consider for this? 

Amanda: The closest I have come to investigating a hospital is the Crescent Hotel, which has a brief history as a “Cancer Cure” Center. The Wildwood Sanitarium and the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum are definitely on my bucket list, though.

Photos of Amanda Wait McGuire @CrescentGhosts

If you know any inspiring female investigators that you would like to nominate for a future feature, please contact Gina Black at SheHauntsOfficial@gmail.com

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