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Fears grow in the Philippines over reports of ‘Manananggal’ sightings

Fears grow in the Philippines over reports of ‘Manananggal’ sightings

Police in Talisay City, Philippines have urged locals to remain calm and stop spreading misinformation following reports of a sighting of a creature called Manananggal.

This month, multiple locals from Sitio Mangga in Barangay Dumlog have reported sightings of a mysterious creature.

According to the Filippino legend, this enigmatic creature appears as if it were a bat and witch combined. Astonishingly, its top and bottom bodies can be detached.

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The folklore purports that the creature has wings and is known to target expecting mothers and their babies while searching for sustenance.

By scattering ashes or salt on the Manananggal’s lower half, you can end its life. It is also highly sensitive to light and therefore prefers to hunt in darkness.

Although there’s no definitive proof of the Manananggal’s existence, that hasn’t stopped citizens of Talisay City from claiming they’ve seen it. As a result, local law enforcement has been forced to intervene.

Lieutenant Colonel Randy Caballes, head of the Talisay City Police Department, strongly urged citizens to abstain from spreading any false information and avoid causing panic as there is no evidence that this creature has been seen.

Panic spread swiftly when two young girls reported that they had spotted a creature on the roof of their neighbor’s house, causing them to begin screaming and weeping. As reported by CDN.

Caballes added: “Your police force is doing its best efforts to shed light on this.

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