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Fears of ‘alien invasion’ grow as the US shoots another UAP

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Fears of ‘alien invasion’ grow as the US shoots another UAP

Fears of ‘alien invasion’ grow as the US shoots another UAP

On Sunday, Connecticut Democrat Jim Himes sought to dismiss apprehensions and discussion of an “alien invasion” following recent reports that the United States had shot down unidentified flying objects.

Congressman Jim Himes of Connecticut’s 4th Congressional District, who is the top-ranking member on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, appeared Sunday in an interview with NBC News’ Meet The Press. During that conversation, he provided his insight into recent reports suggesting two unidentified aerial objects were shot down over both American and Canadian airspace. No official confirmation has been given as to what these objects actually are; however, this news has caused a stir online about potential contact by extraterrestrials.

In a discussion with the host Chuck Todd, Congressman Jim Himes dismissed concerns of those on social media that these two shootdowns were linked to alien activity or other possible problems. He emphasized the fact that these objects had been detected at an altitude that posed risk for civilian air travel.

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“There’s a logic to what the Biden administration has done,” the Democratic lawmaker said. “The two shootdowns have occurred around objects that were a threat to civil aviation. Remember, the initial Chinese balloon was at fifty, sixty thousand feet, that’s not a threat. If you’re at or below 40,000 feet, now you’re in the travel zone for civilian aviation.”

He continued: “The one thing, Chuck, that is troubling me here, I sort of see a pattern as I looked at social media this morning. All of a sudden, massive speculation about alien invasions and additional Chinese action or Russian action. In the absence of information, people’s anxiety leads them into potentially destructive areas. So I do hope very soon the administration has a lot more information.”

On consecutive nights of Friday and Saturday, two unidentified entities were destroyed in the air. The first one plunged somewhere over remote Alaska while the latter fell over Northern Canada. Representative Himes revealed on his MeetThePress interview that he was yet to receive details about these shootdowns.

On Sunday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer confirmed that he had been briefed on the matter during his interview with ABC News’ This Week. The New York Democrat stated that until recently, the Biden administration was unaware of previous foreign surveillance balloons from the Trump era.

He echoed Himes’ statements regarding the two latest shootdowns, which were carried out for commercial aircraft safety. According to U.S. intelligence sources, these craft are thought to have been much smaller balloons than the initial one from China; however, this assertion could not be definitively confirmed without further evidence.

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