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February 2022 Horoscopes


February 2022 Horoscopes

The month kicks off with Aquarius season in full swing, giving you a chance to break through psychic, intellectual, and psychological barriers, all in the name of personal evolution. These vibes are also perfect for artistic endeavors, as the universe opens up creative channels between you and the divine. These sentiments will be magnified on the 3rd, when Mercury ends its retrograde motion, bringing clarity to your heart and mind. 

A shift will occur on the 14th, when Mercury moves from pragmatic Capricorn into quirky Aquarius, helping you embrace the strange and unusual. This planetary placement can also assist you in connecting with the other side, especially through the use of electronic devices like spirit boxes or EVP recorders. Conspiracy theories will also become more appealing, but try to avoid toxic sources that induce fear, or you could fall down a hole that’s difficult to crawl out of. 

The Leo full moon on the 16th will act as a portal of sorts, as the nodes of fate are triggered in the sky. This cosmic climate is ideal for eliciting change through magick, but you’ll need to set aside your pride and be willing to make personal sacrifices in order to make room for the growth you seek. Offering to break a bad habit in exchange for your wishes can help you strike a deal with the universe, but you’ll want to give the other side at least six months to make such dreams come true. 

Pisces season manifests on the 18th, bringing out the natural empath in us all. You’ll be hyper-absorbent to the emotions of others, even when you’re not aware that it’s happening. Be sure to carry around a protective stone or talisman when you’re in public, and remember to cleanse your energy at least once a week with aura sprays, salt baths, purifying candle work, or selenite wands. 


Collaborative efforts will serve you right now, dear ram, as the Aquarius sun illuminates the sector of your chart that governs community. This energy is especially conducive to successful coven work or meditation circles, so be sure to round up your friends for a little bit of magick between the 1st and the 18th. Luck will find you on the 3rd, when Mars, your ruling planet, shares a supportive aspect with auspicious Jupiter. Take calculated yet swift action toward your goals, and the universe will do some heavy lifting to aid in actualizing your dreams. The 6th will bring through an entirely different sort of vibe, as Mars forms a helpful trine with Uranus, bringing an extra dose of efficiency to any chaos magick performed on that day. 

The full moon on the 16th will ask you to take an in depth look at your close relationships, peeling back the layers to determine if you’re being valued. If you find that you’re giving more than you receive in such connections, it may be time to place your energy in another direction. This lunar event is also perfect for assessing your ego, as the universe asks you to build yourself up wherever you’re feeling self-conscious. 

As Pisces season rolls in, you’ll begin to feel more reserved and closed off. This astrological period will ask you to go within, so you can better understand your psyche. The more you know your energy, the more sensitive you will become on an intuitive level, which will promote personal revelations and intuitive prophecies from February 18th until March 20th, when the sun enters your sign. 


Work will be busy for you this month, as the Aquarius sun illuminates the sector of your chart that governs career ambitions, helping you make strikes in your professional life. Unfortunately, your packed schedule  could cause your intuition to take a hit, but only if you’re not taking the time needed to nurture and pamper yourself. Luckily, these vibes are perfect for placing boundaries within the seen and unseen realms, an exercise worth applying toward work hours, especially if your overtime has gotten a little out of hand. 

February 7th will act as one of your most psychically active days this month, as the Taurus moon connects with revolutionary Uranus. Signs pertaining to how you must evolve your life will come through loud and quickly on this day, as inspiration and clarity hit like a bolt of lightning. While this energy will certainly create an exciting buzz, try not to act rashly based on a whim, it’ll still be important that you take your time when executing important decisions or life changes. However, if you don’t harbor any doubts within major changes that need to be made, feel free to pull the trigger.

Pisces season emerges on the 18th, making you extra sensitive to the energy of other people. Your empathic abilities will get a huge boost right now, causing you to pick up the thoughts and feelings of others, in even the most random of places. Mundane errands such as going to the grocery store could feel more taxing than usual, as your aura acts as a vibrational sponge. Do your best to gear up with some black tourmaline or other protective stones when you go out in public, and try to take three cleansing breaths whenever you leave home or switch locations. 


Aquarius season is one of the most sacred times for you, dear Gemini, as the sun brings warmth to the sector of your chart that governs personal philosophies and higher thinking. You can expect an increase in synchronicity, coincidence, and even paranormal activity, as the universe looks for ways to interact. Unfortunately, this cosmic climate could also bring out a cerebral state within you, making it difficult to stay grounded or centered. Journaling, trance meditation, and nature walks can all help you feel more in control of your psyche, without having to shut your third eye. Try not to run from your connection with the other side, even if it’s pushing you to face something you’ve been avoiding. 

You could receive guidance from a loved one who has crossed over on the 11th, when your ruling planet, Mercury, enters a positive connection with Pluto and the nodes of fate. Take some time to honor your ancestors right now, and you’re sure to feel them near. These vibes will also ask you to analyze your work ethic and personal health, especially if your stress levels have been particularly elevated lately.

Pisces season will bring out the magician within you, as the sun and auspicious Jupiter travel through the sign of the fish. Things will move with shocking fluidity right now, though you’re unlikely to see instant results from any magickal work you perform. Trust that the universe is working with you, but remember that the journey toward manifestation is completed after many steps have been taken. Decide what your agenda is, wish upon a few stars, then roll up your sleeves and get to work. 


Aquarius season will intensify your bonds on a psychic level, dear crab, as you inadvertently tap into the thoughts of your closest allies. Don’t be surprised if you think of someone just before they text, as your intuitive connection with one another will move faster than technology can. The more intimately bonded you are with someone, the more you’ll notice these coincidences, shining a spotlight on who you are and aren’t connected with on a soul level. This energy can also cause you to develop relationships with new friends or potential mates  more quickly, especially if you share the same obscure interests. 

While being telepathically entangled with your nearest and dearest is a cool reflection of the significance these relationships hold, it can also get exhausting. It’ll be important that you’re finding ways to cut these psychic cords, especially if your mind becomes plagued with excess chattiness. An alliance between the sun and Saturn on the 4th will give you a chance to protect your energy, making it a good time to brush up on your psychic defense techniques. If you find that someone from the past continues to pop into your brain, use the 11th as an opportunity to cut ties once and for all, with a banishing ritual or meditation. 

You’ll feel much more in control of your mind once Pisces season rolls in, which will prompt your third eye to pick up on emotions rather than thoughts. While you may not be aware of what your best friend is thinking, you’ll definitely know when their feelings have shifted, which could lead to unexpected mood swings within yourself. Do yourself a favor and try to adopt a consistent meditation practice during this time, or you could end up drowning in all the feels. 


Your quirky mind could bring love into your life this month, sweet lion, as others find your unique perspective both intriguing and attractive. While starting a conversation with “I saw a ufo once” isn’t always a slam dunk in the dating world, you’ll find a high success rate whenever you allow your tongue to wag freely. If you’re currently in a relationship, now would be a good time to push your partner to evolve on an intellectual level, bringing new information to the dinner table each night. If you and bae both have a fondness for the paranormal, be sure to catch a few new documentaries, to strengthen the bond you built over such curiosities. 

The full moon takes place in your sign on the 16th, shifting the winds of fate within your romantic, professional, and home life. If you’ve been hoping to make changes within any of these realms, be sure to light a candle and let the other side know how they can help. Candle magick and burning petitions will be particularly powerful on this day, especially if you include some fiery herbs such as red pepper, cinnamon, or paprika. Simply sprinkle said ingredients over any flame you’re working with, to bring power and expediency to your deepest wishes. 

Pisces season manifests on the 18th, bringing a rush of transformative energy your way. Use this astrological period to release any baggage that needs to be dropped, and don’t be afraid to whip out a banishing if you need to. These vibes are also excellent for shadow work, as the universe pushes you to know and evolve yourself. 


Your ability to communicate with animals will benefit from a boost this month, as the Aquarius sun shines a light through your solar sixth house. If there’s a furry friend you’d like to develop a psychic bond with, try communicating with them telepathically during your net meditation session. Just try not to go into the experience with any expectations of what will come through. Just allow whatever it is that pops into your mind to bring you the message, and try not to second guess your ability to connect. If you have trouble making contact, use this time to send loving energy to your animal companion, which will strengthen your bond on a soul level. 

Chasing the paranormal could bring through exciting results on the 8th, when passionate Mars blows a kiss to unpredictable Uranus. This energy is super conducive to tracking Bigfoot, contact with extraterrestrials, and other strange sightings, so don’t hold back if the unknown beckons you to explore. Just make sure to bring your phone along for footage, so you don’t miss your chance to capture something truly extraordinary and unexplainable. If you’re hoping to broadcast your finds on a social media feed, you’re sure to drum up some excellent content. 

The 18th will bring major activity your way, as a grand trine in the sky supercharges your ability to connect with yourself and the other side, helping you see your place within our grand universe. Your heart will benefit from a shift on this day as well, when the sun enters watery Pisces, and the sector of your chart that rules love. These vibes are perfect for healing your mind, body, and soul with sweetness, so be sure to pamper yourself and your loved ones accordingly. 


Trolls, fae, ghosts, and entities are all known for wreaking havoc within the domestic lives of those who encounter them, and this month, you might just find that your peace has become disturbed by such uninvited entities. While fairies could be blamed for missing items, or aliens for electronic malfunctions, try not to give any of these disturbances your fear. Making light of the situation can help you enjoy such experiences, while showing that you’re scared might amplify these paranormal vibes.

You could see a spike in such unexplainable activity within your home on the 11th, when communicative Mercury aligns with Pluto, opening a portal to the underworld. Try not to get alarmed if you hear strange footsteps or your lights flicker, as it’s likely a deceased relative trying to have some fun. If you’re particularly irked by the idea of a specter roaming your house, put one white and one black candle in your front window, to help keep away any bad vibes that might stumble into your space. 

Luckily, anything that comes into your home is likely to have innocent intentions, as Aquarius season brings a playful vibe to the table. However, you’ll want to keep tabs on your aura once the sun moves into Pisces, which could make you more physically sensitive to energy. This solar placement is also poised to activate the physical empath within you, causing you to “catch” your best friend’s headache, experience stomach pains that don’t belong to you, or plague you with your boss’ back pain. If you feel like you’re more worn out than usual, try to get in some extra sunshine, to chase away any pain that doesn’t actually belong to you. 


You may experience a strange amount of deja vu this month, dear Scorpio, as the Aquarius sun triggers random bouts of intuition that are hard to describe or explain. Should you find the strange aforementioned anomaly wash over you, try to take a mental note of what you were thinking of when it initially happened, as well as what you were doing. Drawing parallels between what’s on your mind when deja vu strikes can give you insight on how the universe wishes to guide you, especially if you’re being proactive with your goals. 

A poignant sense of nostalgia will also find you throughout the month, which could bring through moments of clarity. Psychic downloads will shine a light on areas of your life that you were once too naive to see, especially if it pertains to the actions of people who you no longer communicate with. For example, don’t be surprised if you suddenly realize your partner from five years ago was lying to you, but give yourself permission to let go of any feelings attached to the past– especially if you’ve already resolved the situation on an emotional level. 

Pisces season will bring a huge boost to your aura, especially if you put your energy into a passion project. The universe will help you with your creative ideas right now, giving you a chance to level up when it comes to cultivating a special skill or interest. You’ll also feel more compassionate and understanding with the people around you, though you’ll want to stay on guard if there are any sketchy or manipulative characters in your midst. 


You’ll become more aware of how connected we all are this month, dear archer, seeing the invisible lines that tie us together as one. While tapping into collective consciousness can be a beautiful thing, there will also be drawbacks when you’re faced with the stark reality of how cold the world can be. This could be especially problematic if you spend too much time consuming news stories, making it important that you manage your intake of such content. You can still stay informed, but make sure you draw a line and take a few steps back if your optimism begins to take a hit. 

Luckily, the Leo full moon on the 16th will help restore your faith in humanity, as the universe blesses you with a wave of positivity and support. These vibes will actually be quite lucky for you, making it an optimal time for manifestation work and a bit of magick. Don’t feel guilty about wishing on a star on behalf of your hopes and dreams, since these vibes will want you to acknowledge that you deserve to reach your goals. 

The energy will shift on the 18th, when Pisces season emerges, helping you connect with your maternal ancestors. Use this astrological period to nurture your inner-child, especially if adult life has been dragging down your mood. Give yourself permission to eat your favorite kid foods, watch a few animated movies, and rock out to the jams of your formative years. Not only will it elevate your psyche, it will invite in positive spirits from your mother’s lineage. These entities will also serve as a spiritual support system for you, so don’t be afraid to lean on them for guidance or healing. 


Grounding and staying organized will save your sanity this month, dear Capricorn, as Mercury retrograde wreaks havoc under your sign. Though it’s backward journey ends on the 3rd, it’s shadow period will last until the 23rd, which could leave you feeling out of sorts and a bit fuzzy in the head. If you find that you’re struggling significantly under this cosmic climate, consider lighting an orange candle anointed with cinnamon, which will act as a “road opener” spell, bringing you back to the level of functionality you’re used to. 

The Leo full moon on the 16th will be an intense one for you, highlighting the sector of your chart that rules personal power and the occult. However, these vibes are about shedding your skin more so than manifesting intentions, making it important that you banish any obstacles currently in your path. If you do feel drawn to cast a spell with the intention to gain soemthing, versus releasing, consider playing in the realms of sex magick, with our without a partner. 

A grand trine will manifest in the cosmos on the 18th, bringing you to a place of perfect harmony with the universe. No matter how busy your day gets, be sure to tap into your spiritual side, as the other realms will be brimming with messages of support and guidance for you. This date also marks the beginning of Pisces season, which could get a little noisy, especially on the 23rd. Make sure you’re finding a balance between your social life and solitude, or you could end up mentally, emotionally, and intuitively exhausted before the month comes to a close.


Happy solar return, dear Aquarius! With the sun blazing in your sign, this month should be all about you, though you’ll need to get comfortable with this concept in order to truly reap its rewards. The universe will be looking for ways to bless you right now, though it won’t include very many handouts. Proving that you’re dedicated to your goals through hard work will help you make headway in the material realms, though the other side will take notice too, inspiring spirit to pull a few cosmic strings on your behalf. Try to be extra mindful of these sentiments on the 4th, when the sun cozies up to your ruling planet, Saturn, bringing a rush of power your way. Don’t be afraid to throw your weight around a bit, especially when it comes to actualizing your dreams.

Mercury, the planet of communication, enters your sign on the 14th, which is sure to heighten your psychic awareness throughout the remainder of the month. Clairaudient abilities will be amplified under this cosmic climate, so watch out for ringing or popping ears, and whispers in the wind, as it could be the other side attempting to reach you.

The sun moves out of your sign on the 18th, ushering in Pisces season, while intensifying your connection to the material realms. Money magick will be especially effective for you during this time. So be sure to write down your monetary wishes on a bay leaf, then burn it, and scatter its ashes to the wind. 


The sun sails through Aquarius this month, inviting you to play in your most delusional fantasies, but only if they provide you with a healthy escape from the mundane. You’ll likely find yourself daydreaming throughout each week, as your consciousness taps into other realms, alternate realities, and your deepest desires. This energy is ideal for astral projection and remote viewing, so try to schedule a deep meditation or two, to help you flex these psychic muscles. If you set the space to connect with the other side, mysteries of the universe will begin to unravel before your mind’s eye, though obtaining tangible evidence to support these divine truths will be next to impossible.

While the ethereal realms will be more inviting than usual, it’ll be necessary for you to keep in mind the importance of staying on task, and avoid going on autopilot. It’s totally okay to float through the better part of this month with your head in the clouds, as long as it doesn’t affect your productivity. Just try not to let your psyche latch on to any suspicious thought patterns, or you could end up traveling down a dark road. 

Mercury enters Aquarius on the 14th, asking you to analyze your thought patterns, and perhaps do a bit of shadow work. With your solar return just around the corner, it’s only natural that you reflect on your life up until this point, with the intention of bettering yourself as you approach another revolution around the sun.  Your season begins on the 18th, when the sun enters Pisces, blessing you with an increase to your energy levels, creativity, confidence, and popularity! 

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