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Finally Revealed after 32 Years The Most Spectacular UFO Photo Ever Captured

Finally Revealed after 32 Years The Most Spectacular UFO Photo Ever Captured

While strolling through the Cairngorms National Park near Perth on August 4th, two young chefs observed a peculiar diamond-shaped object in the sky.

The men cautiously emerged from behind the trees, stunned by the sight of the strange aircraft.

After the object vanished, they heard a loud roar, which turned out to be an RAF aircraft approaching. The plane altered its course and circled the UFO for a period before returning to its original course.

UFO spotted in official logo of US Aviation Intelligence Office

One of the men lifted his camera to capture the sky when another of them pointed it at him and snapped a few photographs. The thing shot into the air and vanished after a few seconds.

The men were positive they had seen a UFO, so they gave their most excellent photograph to a local newspaper. Unfortunately, the Ministry of Defense took the photo and never published it.

The image would remain classified for over 30 years, until it was discovered that retired Air Force officer Craig Lindsay had violated protocol by storing a copy of it in his drawer.

Now 83 years old, he was eager to provide the image so that it could finally be seen by others.

Intriguingly, it shows exactly what the two men had described – a diamond-shaped object hovering in the sky with an RAF jet visible circling it in the background.

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