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Throughout his extensive career working with many intelligence offices, Stratton is believed to have seen more top-secret UFO files than any other person in the Pentagon. He is even known as the only individual within the federal government who has worked with all three of today’s most advanced UFO initiatives, including one based right in Las Vegas!

When a mysterious, unidentified flying object referred to as the “tic tac” was detected by U.S Navy aviators and sensors off the coast of San Diego in 2004, rather than investigate it, the federal government chose to ignore the incident.

After the incident occurred, a top-secret program known as AAWSAP (or Advanced Aerospace Weapons System Application Program) was deployed five years later under the direction of defense intelligence agency with “black budget funding” spearheaded by Senator Harry Reid. This probe conducted an in-depth investigation into the case to uncover further details.

Robert Bigelow, Las Vegas aerospace pioneer and contractor of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AAWSAP), was the first to tackle what has come to be known as “The Tic Tac” UFO incident. In 2018, U.S authorities released a report on this case with Stratton at its helm – that is, he had written it himself!

Stratton described his work into the incidents as simply another job, not a personal project. “I didn’t grow up with any particular passions,” Stratton admitted. “No books or television shows captivated me – I just happened to find myself in a position at the Defense Intelligence Agency where certain topics crossed my desk.”

(image KLAS)

For thirteen years, Jay Stratton was the main point of contact for all things concerning UFOs. With his decision to move away from UFO and towards UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) as an acronym instead, he has allowed us to further explore this mysterious phenomenon in a more open-minded way.

Stratton was employed as a top-level operative of Naval Intelligence and later loaned to the Defense Intelligence Agency, where his skills in reverse engineering demonstrated exceptional results. Together with Dr. James Lacatski – an esteemed rocket scientist -, they were exposed to accounts of unknown aircrafts flying overhead. Assuming that this information had been collected by some centralized source, Stratton set out to find its origin.

“As we tried to find that office, we found nothing,” said Stratton.

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With the ambition to build an office that would live up to their expectations, Dr. Lacatski suggested a formal investigation into Skinwalker Ranch—a UFO hotspot he had read about—which Reid agreed to finance and Bigelow landed the contract of. Stratton further consulted with AAWSAP program and its successor, AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program) for additional guidance.

In 2017, Luis Elizondo—the then head of AATIP—resigned and divulged the program’s presence to the New York Times. Consequently, Stratton’s director requested he return in order to assemble a new program. Eventually Congress solidified this endeavor under an additional name: The UAP Task Force.

Stratton’s most significant project was the compilation of a confidential intelligence report that combined video footage and photographs from the military. Unfortunately, only a few images have been made available to the public; some had even leaked out over time – such as flying objects hovering near East coast naval vessels and photos of West coast ships being buzzed by unidentified aircrafts. Most still remain classified.

Stratton scoffed at those trying to dismiss the unidentified flying objects, attributing them as flares, drones or birds. “It’s especially vexing when you have evidence and facts that prove otherwise, yet can’t actually present it,” Stratton remarked.

In 2021, Stratton concluded his work with the UAP Task Force and succeeded in putting together a remarkable Congressional report. His investigation found that out of 144 occurrences observed, all but one could not be identified.

Stratton and renowned scientist Dr. Travis Taylor now collaborate for Radiance Technologies, an acclaimed defense contractor with offices located in 17 US states, including Nevada. In the summer of 2022 when they were spotted at a UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) conference held in Alabama, rumors swirled around what kind of mission was being conducted by Radience Technologies. Stratton acknowledges the fact that there are still more questions than answers about their endeavor.

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