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‘Fortune Teller’ on the run in Pennsylvania after $10,000 con


‘Fortune Teller’ on the run in Pennsylvania after $10,000 con

‘Fortune Teller’ on the run in Pennsylvania after $10,000 con

North Huntingdon Pennsylvania authorities are searching for a female suspect who allegedly stole over $10,000 from a local resident through an elaborate fortune-telling ploy.

According to reports warrant has been issued for the apprehension of Alexis Candy Mitchell, aged 29 years old, on charges of theft by deception and fortune telling. Ms. Mitchell’s last known address is Monroeville; however, she possesses connections to a number of other states: Texas, Florida, California, and Nevada.

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The Township police have recently filed charges against a man who last September reported enlisting the services of “Psychic Novena” for spiritual guidance.

In August, Mitchell used multiple electronic payment systems to make transactions that added up to more than $10,000. After the announcement by Westmoreland County District Attorney Nicole Ziccarelli, some of these payments were reimbursed by credit card companies.

This isn’t the first time she’s been reprimanded for divining in Westmoreland County.

In 2019, Mitchell was arrested by Irwin police and brought up on charges of fortune-telling, identity theft, attempted identity theft and forgery. She had been operating her business under the guise of “Psychic Novena Saint.” One woman from Irwin reported to authorities that she paid a total of $725 to Mitchell – this included a crystal ball reading for $100; a spiritual kit totaling at $500; as well as an additional expense of another $125 in order to undergo a cleansing healing ritual which would remove any evil spells casted upon her by someone else.

Mitchell allegedly insisted that the woman needed a $3,800 spiritual cleansing of her belongings and is accused of trying to utilize her identity for financial gain in order to acquire approximately $3,300 worth of furniture items. According to authorities, her efforts were not successful.

Mitchell had been released on an unsecured bond of $10,000 for the case. Court records showed that she was supposed to appear four times in plea court during 2019; however, no appearance occurred at her status conference in January 2020 leading a bench warrant letter being issued subsequently.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Amber

    March 5, 2023 at 11:22 pm

    Alexis Mitchell is a con artist!. She goes by PsychicAngelics on tik tok.

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