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Fright Life Host Captures Possible UFO On Video

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Fright Life Host Captures Possible UFO On Video

Fright Life Host Captures Possible UFO On Video

On July 24, 2022, Joss Rose, co-host of Fright Life a Paranormal Podcast, was headed towards Portland, Oregon on Highway 99 at 10:54 am.  

He noticed an object moving northward, parallelling his car and decided to pull over, so he could have a better look.  Upon parking his vehicle, Joss reached for his phone to record the phenomena.  The object suddenly reversed direction, now heading southward, and flew out of sight behind some trees.

Rose was able to record the end of the sighting, capturing it on his phone.  

“At first I was convinced that it was a plane. It’s always a plane, you know? But I kept watching because it was just moving so freaking fast. When I found a spot to pull over to watch safely and get my phone out of my pocket, it changed directions. 

“When I saw it change directions I couldn’t breathe. It was unbelievable. It was like the game pong when you hit the ball with the paddle and it doesn’t slow down or anything, it’s just going the other way now. I’m surprised I was able to fumble my phone into camera mode at all. 

“After it disappeared behind the trees I sent the video to Mo (Rose, Fright Life co-host and partner) and then FaceTimed her to kind of show her what I saw. 

“It’s a weird feeling to want so badly to see something like that for so long, and when it happens, and you just kind of go silent.

“It was wild,” says Joss.

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Find out more about Joss and his experience at:


IG:  @frightlifeparanormal 

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Greg lives in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, has two daughters and enjoys looking for Bigfoot while at his cottage in Northern Ontario. Greg is a writer at Paranormality Magazine, hosts the live annual Cryptid Christmas Eve Instagram livestream on all.the.weird and the bi-weekly Clubhouse show, Cryptocasters. Greg also enjoys songwriting, toy collecting, and drawing in his spare time. He has been writing for Paranormality Magazine since April of 2022.

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