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Get Your Fix: Cryptids Podcast


Get Your Fix: Cryptids Podcast

Cryptids is a scripted science-fiction audio drama, So, being a science-fiction and cryptozoology fan I was immediately drawn into its premise. 

As an audio drama, the story follows its two main characters, Eve and Trevor. Eve is a pediatric hospice nurse, and Trevor is the host of Eyes to the Skies a late-night conspiracy radio show. Eve, like many of us, uses Trevor’s show to escape the hustle, bustle, and death she is forced to faces at work every day. However, after some of her patients start reporting mysterious encounters with the Operator, Eve is starting to believe that there is something else out there after death. Perhaps something not so benevolent.

Eve decides to recruit Trevors help and forces her way into his off-air life. Together, they set out to find the truth behind the afterlife but instead, they find something beyond their wildest nightmares. Have they proved the existence of gods and monsters? Are aliens on the moon orchestrating death and harvesting our souls? Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

Cryptids is produced by Wild Obscura Films, a Brooklyn bases film studio. Originally written by Alexander V. Thompson as a play, producers Nora Unkel and Devin Shepherd helped Thompson adapt it to audio. Personally, I think that they nailed it and so do many others resulting in it being nominated for Best Fiction Podcast by Discover Pods and winning an Audioverse Award for Best Environmental Sound Design in 2020.

Thompson who also plays Trevor does an amazing job weaving the world of Cryptids. The acting is superb and there are plenty of character arcs, obstacles, mystery, and cliffhangers that add to the dramatization. The sound design is also stunning and provides the listener with a vivid setting and journey. Surely one of the many reasons Cryptids has been topping the charts for so long.

My only complaint. There are only seven episodes, and they’re fairly short with each being approximately 20 minutes in length. Unfortunately, just at the time where it feels like your becoming completely hooked, it over. But don’t worry, that ending is very dramatic and satisfying.

While the journey of Cryptids is over I hope to see more of this type of entertainment for Wild Obscura Films in the future, and I suspect that after the success of Cryptids we will. Cryptids is well worth checking out and is available wherever you listen to podcasts.

Oh, and if you want a more visual experience check out their team up with Dark Matter TV. Until next time, “Eyes to the Skies.”

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