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Ghostly Demon caught on camera in British Park

Ghostly Demon caught on camera in British Park

The alleged entity was picked up on camera on a dark woodland path in Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire.

As Hannah and Dave Rowett strolled with their canines at approximately 6:30am, an unexpected yet powerful sensation that they were no longer alone suddenly engulfed Hannah.

Excitedly, she yanked out her phone and quickly recorded a blurred figure that was walking ahead of them. Upon rewatching it, she shuddered to think that this could be tangible proof of the supernatural world beyond.

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The area itself is notorious for stories of a female spirit known as the ‘Grey Lady’ who is said to appear in the form of a figure veiled in a long grey cloak.

The figure recorded on Hannah’s phone appears to be quite different from what she first thought—it is more closely resembling a “demonic entity”.

“Initially I thought it was a dog, but then as I look at it it’s more a human-type form,” she said.

“It’s quite demonic in the way it’s crawling and has long limbs. I followed it with my torch, watched it back, then turned to Dave and said ‘I’ve just seen a ghost and I’ve got it on camera'”.

“I think it’s such an incredible image that I wanted to share it.”

Since its publication, the clip has gained tremendous popularity and traction on social media platforms with thousands of views, reactions and comments. Some users are firmly convinced that it illustrates supernatural phenomena while others reason that it is just a fleeting puff of smoke.

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