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Ghostly grandma shows up in family reunion pic


Ghostly grandma shows up in family reunion pic

Just because someone dies, doesn’t mean they can’t still attend family functions! A year after this grandmother passed away, she appeared in a photo taken at the family reunion.

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The family came together at their grandma’s old house to take a group photo in front of it. Later when they went back to look at the picture, they saw their grandmother’s face in the window.

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The granddaughter says that the “wet paint” sign next to the ghostly face was further proof that there wasn’t a physical body present – when they checked the painted floor in that area, there were no footprints to explain who was looking out at them while the picture was taken.

The family is adamant that their grandmother’s spirit still inhabits the home she always lived in. They can’t find another explanation for this strange photograph.

Unlike most people who have encountered hauntings in their homes, this family might want to reach for the Ouija board instead. Many people believe that these spirit boards act as a tool to help ghosts communicate more effectively with the living, especially those ghosts that have struggled to manifest auditory sounds.

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