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Ghostly Light Figure Caught On Game Cam


Ghostly Light Figure Caught On Game Cam

On my recent trip to the Wytheville UFO Fest. My wife and I made a slight detour to Winston-Salem to see an old friend. After getting settled in we started talking about his game cam footage. You can find on his YouTube channel.

He had some game cameras installed to see what type of wildlife he could potentially dine on if he ever need to stay out there for an extended period of time. The topic of what strange things came up and he showed us the above video. He said he was hoping to catch a glimpse of BigFoot but that hasn’t happened yet.

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He did, however, see this weird ghostly light figure caught on his game cam. It appears to be following a stray cat. You can see just after the cat looks into the camera a ghostly light shows up at the top almost right-hand corner of the video. the light appears to be walking behind the cat almost following it until it goes off-camera.

What are your thoughts? Is this a ghostly light figure in the forest or something else? Let us know in the comments.

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