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Giving back to artists that bring the paranormal to life


Giving back to artists that bring the paranormal to life

Giving back to artists that bring the paranormal to life

Paranormality Magazine Is proud to announce the return of the Signature Series.

The series is a community-based project born out of a love for the strange, unexplained, and paranormal, as well as a fascination with the people and creators that make the community what it is.

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The Signature Series is not simply a tee shirt – it’s an expression of our admiration and respect for the magnificent artists who bring paranormal tales to life.

Without the wonders of art, creatures such as Sasquatch, Wendigo, Mothman, and Nightcrawlers could have easily remained unknown by the public or even been forgotten completely.

Our Signature Series features an exquisite collection of one-of-a-kind designs, crafted exclusively for Paranormality Magazine.

We are devoted to recognizing the extraordinary efforts of artists who bring unexplained events and mythical creatures alive through their art.

Regrettably, they don’t get enough appreciation for the sheer amount of time and creativity put into each piece. That’s why with every purchase a percentage goes directly back to them!

Throughout the year we plan on adding more artists to the collection.

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