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Glitch in the matrix: bird filmed by 2 people frozen in midair

In Canada, an unusual occurrence has left the locals baffled – A man was able to capture an incredible video of a bird suspended in the air, not moving even slightly.

On 18th February at 1 PM, two people captured video of a blackbird without any visible tethers or strings attached to it. This mysterious sight remains a mystery.

“That’s a dead bird and it is just floating in the air, no strings, no nothing,” the man says.

During the video, the man moves around to show there’s nothing attached to the bird, nor is it perched on anything. He zooms in on the very lifelike bird, which seems to sway slightly with the wind but does not flinch or move.

“There was absolutely nothing we could see with the human eye that was holding it or attached to it,” says the man, who asked to remain anonymous. “Very weird and eerie.”

In an effort to uncover what was suspending the bird, he trudged underneath it and examined the power lines as well as any nearby homes. However, even with his investigation, nothing could be seen.

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“Literally, [it] looked like a dead bird just floating,” he says. 

Another person captured the mysterious bird too and posted it to social media. They were also confused by what they saw.

“It should be moving,” says a person in the video. 

People have wondered whether a bird is bound by an eruv.

An eruv is a wire boundary that, according to Jewish law, allows observant Jews to carry items outdoors on the Sabbath. Eruvs are made of symbolic wires that form a type of enclosure, allowing activities that would normally be forbidden on the holy day — as long as they are within the boundaries of the eruv.

This was not the case through A Vancouver-based rabbi who confirmed with Glacier Media there is no eruv in Surrey.

What do you think is going on? Let us know in the comments.

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Brandon Grimes
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