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Halloween Candy That Just Might Get Your House Tricked Not Treated


Halloween Candy That Just Might Get Your House Tricked Not Treated

Tomorrow starts the first night of trick or treating in a lot of areas of the U.S., but if you bought this candy for your trick or treaters you might find yourself getting tricked not treated.

Every year puts out a list of the best and worst candy for Halloween and here is their top 10 worst candy to give trick or treaters.

10. Black Licorice

You’d imagine licorice as black as a tainted soul would be the perfect candy for Halloween. But apparently, kids these days don’t think so. This author, for one, can’t comprehend why — black licorice is delicious.

9. Good & Plenty

It shouldn’t really come as a surprise that Good & Plenty follows black licorice. After all, it’s black licorice, just wrapped in the hollowed-out shell of a better candy. Kids don’t think it’s good, and there’s plenty for them to hate.

8. Tootsie Rolls

A lot of people will choose to hand out Tootsie Rolls, if only because they’re cheap. It seems kids don’t really detest them on a principle, they’re okay. They just get so many of them that the novelty wears off.

7. Mary Janes

Kids probably rejoiced when Mary Janes went out of production in 2018. But in 2020, they came back. Hooray for the continuation of classic candy, we suppose, but don’t give them to kids.

6. Wax Coke Bottles

It’s no wonder these things are on this list. You bite into a nasty wax shell for a couple of drops of warm sugary water. What’s not to hate?

5. Necco Wafers

Like Mary Janes, Necco Wafers disappeared in 2018 and made a comeback in 2020, to the horror of trick-or-treaters everywhere. They’re like Valentine’s candies. Is there anyone who actually likes this chalky garbage?

4. Smarties

This is a repeat of all the complaints about Necco Wafers. Might as well chew on classroom chalk.

3. Peanut Butter Kisses

The distaste for these things probably isn’t about the flavor, unless you just don’t like peanut butter. They’re just such a hassle to eat that most kids just throw them away.

2. Circus Peanuts

They’re not even candy. Enough said.

1. Candy Corn

Candy corn might be the most divisive candy ever. You either love it or hate it. Kids overwhelmingly seem to hate it, though, so don’t choose this.

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