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Haunted House Filled with Creepy Dolls Has Been Abandon For Six Years

Visitors to this abandoned property near Leicesterhave have been left believing it is haunted after the house has been left untouched following the owner’s death six years ago, leaving all of his former possessions and clothes behind.

When most houses go abandon for that many years it’s not uncommon to see graffiti, empty alcohol bottles, and other such trash. Aside from not being repaired over the years, you might think this house is still lived in and it very well might be.

The home looks quite appealing from the outside, however, that all changes when explorers enter the property to discover spooky-looking dolls watching them.

Image: Triangle News

The property had renters in there in 2018 who supposedly left in the middle of the night according to neighbors because there was some spooky stuff going on.

An estate agent said “no estate agent wants it as they can’t sell it. It’s full of weird possessions. It’s very creepy – the fact that all the clothes were left was quite strange.”

And he added: “I don’t really believe in the paranormal but there was definitely some kind of weirdness going on there.”

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Image: Triangle News
Image: Triangle News
Image: Triangle News
Image: Triangle News

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