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Helicopter sized UFO filmed in Baltimore

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Helicopter sized UFO filmed in Baltimore

Helicopter sized UFO filmed in Baltimore

UFOs have become increasingly more frequent lately, most likely due to the higher utilization of drones and other unidentified small aircrafts. In 2023 however it seems that these sightings reached an apex; Russia has declared they shot down a UFO while in the same vein, just last week America announced tracking a Chinese spy balloon which many assumed was another extraterrestrial artifact.

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Yet not all unidentified flying objects are the same; for instance, this video of a potential UFO in Baltimore from January is still inconclusive.

In the video, a man proclaimed that what appeared to be a gleaming silver ball was “the size of a helicopter” and flew in an orderly fashion at such incredible speed that it led viewers to believe that either someone or something must have built it.

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But can we trust these claims? Without other clues or clouds in the sky, it’s quite easy to misjudge size and distance. What may appear as a helicopter-sized aircraft could actually be located much farther away than assumed. Additionally, balloons come in all shapes and sizes – so what one might see from below could really just be a large balloon floating through the sky!

Though it may seem unusual at first, the speed and direction of a balloon caught in a jet stream are actually quite common. At high altitudes, these balloons can move with immense velocity and trajectory.

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