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Hitler’s Journey To Find Hollow Earth


Hitler’s Journey To Find Hollow Earth

The Hollow Earth theory has been around for centuries, with many different variations. The most popular version of the Hollow Earth theory suggests that the earth is actually hollow and that there is an inner world inside. This inner world is said to be populated by all sorts of strange and wonderful creatures, including some who are friendly toward humans and Hitler wanted to find it.

Hitlers And The Occult

Many people know that Adolf Hitler was obsessed with the Occult. What they may not know is just how deeply his obsession ran. Hitler believed that the Occult held the key to unlocking ultimate power, and he was determined to find it. He spent hours poring over ancient texts and magical artifacts, searching for clues. He even consulted with Occult experts in an attempt to gain their knowledge. Unfortunately, Hitler’s actions were not always guided by reason, and his obsessive quest for power ultimately led to his downfall. Nevertheless, his fascination with the Occult remains a vital part of his story.

Hitler was very interested in the Hollow Earth theory, and even sent out expeditions to try and find it. To our knowledge, they never succeeded in their quest. However, the idea of a Hollow Earth still fascinates many people today, and there are those who believe that the Nazis may have been on to something after all.

The Search For Hollow Earth

In the early 1940s, as the Nazi regime was consolidating its hold on power, Adolf Hitler became fixated on the idea of finding hollow earth. According to legend, the hollow earth is a vast cavern located at the center of our planet, and Hitler believed that it could be used as a secret base from which to launch an invasion of the surface world. In order to find the hollow earth, Hitler dispatched a team of explorers to Antarctica, where they thought it might be located.

The ship visited the Antarctic coast a month later, and after that began air surveillance using flying boats. The mountainous region had never been examined before, so the German scientists dubbed it “Neu-Schwabenland” after the vessel. These flights were intended to photograph the area for scientific research and mapping as well as to claim it for Nazi Germany.

Things didn’t always go as planned. The crew was running low on fuel while flying over Antarctica, and they were forced to toss out extra gear to reduce the aircraft’s weight. Boxes of tiny metal swastikas, which were supposed to be released by parachute to solidify the Nazi territorial claim, were among the items thrown overboard. They have never been recovered since.

Despite this, Lüdecke’s historical study revealed that these photographic surveys covered a significant portion of Antarctica and increased the known region size by 16 percent. The surveys went further than at the time Germany was sovereign. In February 1939, they completed their assignment and began the long route home on Schwabenland Expedition.

The Journey Home

On the way home, the ship made sonar scans of the ocean floor. The scientists aboard the ship discovered seismic activity that they thought was a chain of volcanoes running north to south along the Atlantic’s middle. This line of volcanoes was subsequently determined to be part of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which is where two tectonic plates are splitting apart and forming new sections of the seafloor.

Many of the expedition’s findings were lost during the war or were kept secret until they were published in 1958.

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