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Illinois residents saw something strange in the sky.

Illinois residents saw something strange in the sky.

Sparkling lights in the night sky that sent people abuzz on social media, speculating about alien activity, were actually SpaceX’s Starlink satellites, according to experts.

In fact, ever since Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites were first launched a few years back many people have mistaken these lights in the night sky for UAP

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On Sunday night, the string of lights in the sky triggered a flurry of theorizing on social media that unidentified flying objects were hovering above the state.

On Sunday evening, the sky was illuminated with a dazzling line of lights that astounded many. As explained by experts and Renae Kerrigan, curator and science and planetarium director at the Peoria Riverfront Museum to WEEK-TV, these mysterious glimmers were actually Starlink satellites launched into orbit. She described them as “individual little satellites but they’re all in this row,” making it appear like an unbroken bright streak across the night sky!

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