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Katy Elizabeth May Have Picked Up Champ On Sonar

Katy Elizabeth May Have Picked Up Champ On Sonar

A research group has posted up footage of what appears to be a sonar hit of a large creature swimming in the lake. Spanning parts of New York State, Vermont, and Quebec – Lake Champlain is home to an elusive cryptozoological enigma not dissimilar to that of Scotland’s Loch Ness.

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The legend is believed to date back to 1609 when Samuel de Champlain wrote an account of a serpent-like creature measuring 5 ft long with large teeth, a body as thick as a man’s thigh, and tough silver-grey scales that his blade could not penetrate.

These days, the lake remains a popular tourist destination, and stories of the creature – nicknamed ‘Champ‘ – have endured for decades.

Now a group of researchers who have spent years searching for evidence of the creature believe that they may have found some of their strongest evidence to date in the form of a sonar hit showing a large creature swimming beneath the lake’s surface on September 10th. According to the video, the unidentified creature was 20 ft in length.

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What’s interesting is that the sonar reading appears to exhibit evidence of a flipper-like appendage being used to propel the creature – whatever it is – through the water.

Of course, it’s impossible to say for sure what the sonar actually picked up, but it’s certainly intriguing.

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Source: Unexplained-Mysteries

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