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Kecksburg UFO Festival Returns After Two-Year Hiatus

Kecksburg UFO Festival Returns After Two-Year Hiatus

The most well-known UFO incidents in Pennsylvania will be remembered once more after nearly six decades.

In 1965, a strange fireball streaked through the sky, leaving “hot metal debris” in its wake. It began on December 9, when thousands of eyewitnesses reported seeing a peculiar flame that plummeted “hot metal debris” as it flew through the air.

Kecksburg UFO Festival Returns

Despite the fact that sightings were reported in a variety of locations, it was Kecksburg, Pennsylvania’s tiny town, that became most noticed as a result of the event.

It all began when a young local boy claimed to have seen the object descend in the woods and his mother subsequently informed authorities about strange blue wisps emerging from the trees. Several residents, including members of the fire department, went out to investigate and discovered an odd acorn-shaped thing with hieroglyphic writing on its surface.

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Reports of an intense military presence at the crash site within a brief period of time were followed by army officials ordering civilians away from the scene while the object was loaded onto a truck. The event was later reduced to nothing more than a meteor impact, however, many people still feel that the military was attempting to conceal something that was not of our world.

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So far, no definitive explanation has been discovered. A festival is still held in Kecksburg each year to commemorate the event’s importance to the community and renew efforts to discover what happened.

Despite the fact that the festival was postponed for two years due to the coronavirus, it is returning this year and will be used to raise money for the local fire department.

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