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Man brings dead wife back to life and it only cost 3k

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Man brings dead wife back to life and it only cost 3k

Man brings dead wife back to life and it only cost 3k

After spending nearly $3,000, an intrepid Indian man seemingly brought his dead wife back to life.

In 2021, Tapas Sandilya experienced a tragic loss of his beloved wife Indrani to the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to her passing, she entrusted him with an extraordinary request: if he were ever to outlive her in this world, he should make a silicone model of herself as a companion for them both. As an everlasting symbol of their love and bond beyond life itself – the lifelike replica is attired in garments that are most associated with his late spouse while taking up residence on her favorite spot on the couch at home!

The widower explained that his late wife drew her inspiration from the statues she viewed in museums..

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“It was then Indrani told me of her desire for a similar statue of her if she happened to pass away before me,” said Sandilya. “I just wanted to fulfill her wish.”

Jam Press Vid/Newslions

Sandilya reports that artist Subimal Das spent six months creating the model, which weighs a hefty 66 pounds.

After the loss of their beloved partner, Sandilya isn’t alone in opting to re-create them with a doll.

In 2020, Shrinivas Gupta created a silicone replica of his late wife Madhavi following her tragic death in a car accident.

Some of her spooked friends were so convinced that the realistic doll was actually her, they thought she had risen from the dead!

In 2016, another bereaved man in China was presented with a £2,000 silicone doll resembling his late partner.

Unlike the Indian replicas, Zhang Wenliang’s model was created to appear like a younger version of his wife.

After quickly wearing out his first doll from one of China’s leading manufacturers, he requested to have a second crafted for him.

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