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Man films paranormal activity in room 202 of the Crescent Hotel


Man films paranormal activity in room 202 of the Crescent Hotel

Man films paranormal activity in room 202 of the Crescent Hotel

A man recently posted one of the most chilling paranormal videos on Reddit, highlighting the haunted Crescent Hotel.

Numerous visitors have allegedly experienced ghost sightings and other supernatural occurrences over the years; further amplifying its eerie reputation!

This video clip went viral, as countless users shared their own experiences with the hotel.

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The user posted the video on Reddit in the ‘Paranormal Encounter’ group.

The user took to the platform and wrote, “Stayed at the crescent hotel room 202, supposedly the most haunted room. OC.” The user further added, “My mom and sister stayed in room 202. They captured this when they came back to their room after breakfast the day we were leaving. The clock hadn’t done that the whole time they were there.”

This video gained a lot of attention on Reddit as the comment section of the video was bombarded with horrifying and spooky comments by other users about the same hotel.

As one of the users explained about his stay with his girlfriend in the “whirlpool suites” and wrote,

“I stayed in one of the whirlpool suites with my girlfriend a few months ago. We left the water in the tub because it drained loudly and those walls are paper thin (we had a wedding party staying in the room next to us). At around 4am, I got woken up by the sound of splashing water in the tub. Said NOPE and went back to sleep. Apparently, my girlfriend heard the splashing several times throughout the night. I woke up to find she turned on all of the lights because she was so freaked out lol.”

Another user shared their own personal experience in the Crescent Hotel in room number 305 and wrote, “My niece and I stayed there in July for her birthday. 305 I believe. She wanted to explore at 2:30 am. We were the only ones about. We walked around quietly and then sat on the back steps with Jasper the cat for a while.” The user further added, “He followed us around the garden. Was about 3:30 when we went back up. We never saw or felt anything strange while out, but immediately after I turned away from quietly sliding on the chain lock, the lock was flung off with good force. We both heard it and turned together to see it swinging. It was a very memorable experience.”

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