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Man spots ‘Alien Village” on Mars

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Man spots ‘Alien Village” on Mars

Man spots ‘Alien Village” on Mars

While perusing through NASA images for evidence of past extraterrestrial activity on Mars, an anomaly hunter discovered a peculiar duo of structures that he believes are the ruins of an alien civilization.

The mysterious sighting was discovered by the tireless UFO researcher, Scott Waring. He observed a peculiar scene in an image sent back to Earth from NASA’s Curiosity rover in 2015.

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Gazing at the photo, his eyes were immediately drawn to an unusual indentation in a rock that he speculated is “an entrance to some kind of alien structure,” resembling the dwellings seen on The Flintstones. Below this remarkable doorway, there was yet another formation that appeared to be an opening of sorts.

Waring conjectured that the two anomalies (highlighted above) being in such close proximity suggest this area was likely a small village at some point.

To add to the peculiarity of this hypothesis, he pointed out that one of the larger anticipated doors is only 17 inches tall and 14 inches wide.

Consequently, should the anomalies be from long-lost extraterrestrial structures, it would imply that the Martians who occupied them were notably miniscule in stature.

Despite this, naysayers will surely dispute Waring’s opinion of these peculiarities and assert that they are simply eroded stones.

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